animal removal services in new jersey
animal droppings clean up services in new jersey

We Do Animal Removal, Animal Proofing, Animal Droppings Clean Up & Sanitizing, and We Remove Dead Animals:

Dead Raccoon

Dead Groundhog

Dead Opossum

Dead Skunk

Dead Squirrel

Dead Snakes

Dead Birds

Dead Bats

Dead Rabbit

Dead Fox

Dead Deer

Dead Black Bear

Dead Bobcat

Dead Coyote

Dead Wolf

Dead Rats and Mice

Wild Turkey

Dead Pigeons

Dead Geese

Dead Duck

Dead Moles


Reasons Why You Should Let The Professionals Do It:

1. The dead animal could have germs, bacteria, maggots, ticks, fleas, and mites.

2. The dead animal could have rabies.

3.The dead animal could have disease and illness.

4. The animal that you believe is dead could still be alive.

5. The dead animal has pungent and repulsive odor.

6. Disposing of the dead animal and sanitizing the area.

7. The dead animal could attract live animals that is eating the carcass.

8. Experience – Leave it to the professionals.

We also provide all types of Live Animal Control, Animal Proofing, Animal Exclusion, Animal Damage Repair, Gutter Guard, and Gutter Cleaning.

Do not take a chance why put yourself at risk. For more information give us a call right now at (973) 302-4144. We are here to help you. We are Open 7 Days a Week. Same Day Service is Available. We also provide pest control service.

Dead Rabbit Dead Opossum