Animal Trapping In NJ – Humane Wildlife Removal Services In New Jersey

Animal trapping NJ. It is time to ultimately say goodbye to the pests on your property as All Stages Pest Control presents you with the most prompt and humane animal trapping NJ service yet. The next time you need to have wildlife removed from your property, contact us, and we would promptly show up to solve your problem. Sometimes, though undesired, wildlife animals make their way into our homes and business environments. They make it to their homes. The good news is All Stages Pest Control offer animal trapping NJ services that include trapping squirrels in NJ and trapping groundhogs NJ. Should you need help with birds and pigeon control, bird control, damage repairs, rodent exterminations, attic clean up or restoration, our professionals are available at all time and very affordable prices. We remain the first choice for you in New Jersey and beyond. Wildlife removal and pest control require the expertise and skill of professionals, and it’s not something you should attempt doing by yourself.

NJ trapping wild animal removal services in New Jersey

We also offer animal removal NJ services that include raccoon removal NJ and opossum removal NJ services. We have professionals who are trained and skilled in helping you with animal control and animal removal. We also offer snake removal and prevention, opossum removal and bat removal and exclusion. We will also secure your location to prevent the wild animals from coming back. Our competent professionals are well trained in catching and controlling wildlife as well as in understanding the danger that is associated with these animals. We are also well equipped to protect your property from future invasion as wild animals are sometimes aggressive and they may transmit the disease to you or your pets. These diseases are fatal and dangerous to your family wellbeing.

For over twenty years, All Stages Pest Control have continually and efficiently served the New Jersey community with an animal trapping NJ solution that includes but not limited to trapping skunk NJ, trapping rodents NJ, trapping snakes NJ and trapping birds NJ. We also offer animal carcass removal, all at very affordable and economical prices. Our animal trapping NJ service is fast, professional, reliable and effective.

Trapping Squirrels In New Jersey

New Jersey trapping squirrels services in NJ
Squirrel inside trap – One-way tunnel

Squirrels are the furry tailed animals that you do see running through parks and climbing up trees. Sometimes, they invade human habitat, and you can find them in your attics and walls. When you are in this situation or if you wish to prevent this situation from happening to you, contact an animal expert. Our squirrel removal NJ services are humane, effective and efficient. Trapping squirrel in NJ comes easy for us, and we help to prevent your home from witnessing a squirrel invasion.

Squirrels eat a variety of foods like nuts, fruits, seeds, fungi and even the seed in your bird feeder. Although they are common in parks, Squirrels do not belong in the human habitat—home or workplace. When they live on your property, they can cause problems when they claw and bite through your belongings. To ensure a total, effective, efficient and humane squirrel removal NJ, seek the help of the professionals at All Stages Pest Control. Attempting to do it yourself is both dangerous and difficult, and you should not try it.

All Stage Pest Control work by first conducting an inspection of your situation, then they provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the problem, giving you the main and other entry points as well as potential entry points. We then offer multiple solutions that are developed to meet your what your situation demand. The primary method we use is to deploy one-way doors. Once a squirrel leaves through the door as part of its routine, it would not be able to return through it. For squirrels with babies, the one-way door is not used. The technicians physically remove the babies and put them in an insulated box where they would remain until the mother picks them for relocation. For the situation that requires trapping the squirrel, this is done in accordance with the New Jersey Law.

To prevent re-entry of the squirrels through any openings, weak point or potential entry point, they are covered with a galvanized steel mesh. The galvanized steel mesh is too strong for the squirrel to chew through. You can contact us if you have questions related to Squirrel removal NJ to include baby squirrel removal and squirrel prevention.

Trapping Raccoons In New Jersey

New Jersey trapping raccoons services in NJ
Raccoons inside the trap

For any problem associated with raccoon removal, we remain as your best option in New Jersey. Often, raccoons find their way into spaces in your homes or business environment and make this place their home or cause other mishaps. Some of the common causes include raccoons living under the home, raccoons in the attic, raccoons ripping vents off the house, raccoon mothers with babies, raccoon latrines on the roof and raccoons ripping up the garden and sod. We know any of these can be challenging, that is why we offer professional raccoon removal NJ services that ensure that the raccoons are trapped and removed from your property.

At All Stages Pest Control, we understand the problems caused by the raccoons and another animal such as noise in the attic, messes made on your property and troubled sleeping. Therefore, our animal removal NJ services work efficiently and swiftly to have them removed and prevented in the most humane and effective manners.

Some of the risk associated with a raccoon on your property are as follows:

  • The presence of a raccoon aggravates your pet.
  • Raccoon droppings in your home and around your property.
  • Raccoon roundworm infection.
  • Raising of a baby raccoon on your property.
  • Risk of exposure to rabies virus, germs and or diseases.
  • Damages to your building structures, the attics and or your belongings. Raccoon scavenging in your garbage can and storage boxes.
  • Possible encounter with an aggressive raccoon.
  • Raccoons can chew up your electrical wirings, vents, and a trashcan.

Upon carrying out an inspection, our trained professionals would provide you with a thorough analysis of the problem, giving you an explanation of the primary and other entry points as well as potential entry points. They will then give you a list of options tailored to your specific situation, taking the structure of your building into consideration. The best method for raccoon removal is the installation of a one-way trap. Once the raccoon leaves the building through any of the one-way traps, it will not be able to enter back. Once it is certain that all the raccoons have exited the building, the one-way traps are replaced with screenings that will prevent re-entrance from the screened area. In cases involving baby raccoons, the trap door is not used for the babies. Instead, they are physically removed by the technician and placed inside an insulated box, where their mother would pick them one-by-one for relocation to a new den. For situations that require using a trap or snare to catch the raccoon, the relocation is done in accordance with the New Jersey Law.

Trapping Opossums In New Jersey

New Jersey trapping opossums services in NJ
Opossum inside the trap

When it comes to animal removal NJ services, we are the expert to consult. Our service includes an extensive and secured Opossum removal NJ service that helps you to get rid of any Opossum that may have settled on your property. We are well used to receiving calls concerning opossums living in the garage, opossums ripping vents off the home, opossums in the attic, opossum mothers with babies and opossums living under the house. As Opossums are known to be a good host of fleas, we have also received calls from people complaining about the heavy presence of fleas in their home because of opossums living on their property. Our opossum removal NJ service solves this problem by trapping and removing the opossums.

Opossums are natives to the country and can be found all over it, from natural environments to the residential environments of your homes and businesses. Due to their habitual preference of living around the human homes, opossums are classified as pest species. For habitat, opossums would settle in any of, but not limited to, areas under a shed, patios, decks, and den sites that were dug by other animals. They will stay anywhere for as long as the food is available. Opossums are omnivores with a broad diet, and they feed on fruits such as avocados, berries, apples, and bird seeds. They prefer rotten or dead meat and pet food. It is advisable that you wash meat packaging before disposing them into the garbage as Opossum prey on garbage. Opossums are not fast; when threatened, they play dead and secrete a rotten stench.

Highly resistant to rabies as their low body temperature does not allow the virus to thrive, Opossums are bearers of ticks and fleas, just like dogs and cats. Opossums excrete a lot, and the heavy presence of their droppings exposes humans to the health risk of contracting Salmonella or Leptospirosis.

At All Stages Pest Control, our Opossum removal NJ can help you with this problem of removing opossums from your property. Trapping opossum NJ comes easy for us, as our professionals are well trained and skilled in Opossum removal NJ. We would visit your home or business to assess the situation and provide you with opossum removal solutions that are tailored to your unique issue. The only control technique for removing opossums is trapping and removal. Killing or injuring the animal is illegal and there is a restriction to the cage size that can be used. We employ only human and law compliant methods at All Stages Pest Control.

Trapping Groundhog (Woodchuck) In New Jersey

NJ trapping groundhogs services in NJ
Groundhog (Woodchuck) inside the trap

Groundhogs are mammals that hibernate and wake up in the springs. They are usually active during daytime and feed on crops, ruining your landscape and gardens. Spring is their breeding season, and they can give birth to about 2 to 6 offspring. The mother nurses the babies for six weeks, after which they move out to find their den. Should you have a groundhog on your property, it is better you remove it immediately you discover it, as they can chew through electrical wires and irrigation systems when burrowing their holes and this can end up costing you.

Groundhogs, like other wild animals, can be host to different parasites such as fleas, ticks, and worms.

Also known as woodchucks, groundhogs are vegetarians. They are classified as a pest due to their habit of digging up and eating crops. Groundhogs are diggers, and they dig tunnels and burrows to live in, usually with multiple entrances. The holes can be dug near your homes and buildings, especially under the decks.

Among the numerous animal trapping, NJ services offered by All Stages Pest Control is trapping groundhogs NJ service. Our animal removal NJ services are quite useful and efficient. This is why we are the best when it comes to groundhog removal NJ. We first visit and consult for your groundhog removal issue. Once we have identified the resident of the groundhog and detected the damage it’s causing; we select the best control method. We use only humane methods that comply with the rules and regulations of New Jersey. The most common method is the groundhog trap. We lure the animal into a trap with vegetables. Once inside, we relocate them to a suitable area far from your home. We recommend that you employ wildlife prevention services on your property to prevent other animals from using the burrow and to prevent an unwanted guest or any more digging.

Trapping Bat In New Jersey

NJ trapping bats removal services in NJ

Bat removal is best left to the professional animal removal company. To remove bat properly requires proper precautions to be taken to ensure the safety of the bats and homeowners/building occupants. Attempting to do it yourself put both health and safety at risk. Bats mostly reside on higher grounds that are out of reach and removal attempt by an inexperienced wildlife removal has a potential risk of falling and getting hurt. Bat is also known transmitter of diseases. Our professionals at All Stages Pest Control take the necessary precautions to ensure proper bat removal, offering you the most affordable and secure Bat removal NJ service. Bat are endangered species, and any unsuccessful DIY removal attempt exposes them to risk of extinction. This is another reason why you must call the service of a professional bat removal NJ.

At All Stages Pest Control, we have been conducting bat removal from office buildings and homes for a long time. With our experience, we ensure efficient and effective bat removal NJ with humane methods that comply with the New Jersey rules and regulations. We are knowledgeable about issues concerning the removal of endangered species. We take the necessary precautions when executing this, using the most humane and professional methods possible.

Adult Bat Removal
Trapping bat NJ is one of the various animal trapping NJ services that our professionals engage in. We will visit your home to consult about your unique bat removal issue. We will carry out an in-depth inspection of your roof structure and identify the main entry point of the bats and other cracks big enough for a bat to enter through. In our inspection, we would note if there are babies involved or just adults as well as indicating the size and species of the colony. These will help us to settle on the best removal and prevention strategy to deploy.

When the bats leave at night to forage, our technician will seal off the main entry points and install a one-way trap on the remaining entries, allowing them to leave but not return. On return, the bats would fly around without success, trying to find other entry points to enter the attic.

Baby Bat Removal
Killing bats are illegal in New Jersey. Bat start breeding in mid-May and end in Mid-August. When there are baby bats in your attics, you must wait till they are old enough to leave the nest before removing them. Doing otherwise is illegal. During the maternity period, the baby cannot fend for food because they cannot fly. Removing their mothers would imply starvation for the babies, and they would die. The weaning duration differs according to the type/species of the bats. Little Brown Bats babies are weaned in fourteen (14) days while The Big Brown Bats babies are weaned in 3 to 4 weeks. Conducting bat removal during these periods would prevent the babies from exiting and prevent the mothers from returning, thus killing the babies. Bats being endangered species, special precautions are required to ensure that they are not harmed.

Trapping Birds In New Jersey

NJ trapping birds removal services in NJ
Birds (pigeons) on the roof

While sitting on a park bench, birds are quite mesmerizing to watch, but you do not want to have them playing around in your home. Birds in the house can cause quite some risk potential. Call us at All Stages Pest Control for a solution to your bird invasion issue. Our trapping birds NJ services use the most effective, efficient and humane methods to remove the birds.

Risks Associated with Having Birds on your Property.

There are absolutely some risks that come with having birds living on your property. The notable ones are as follows.

  • Damages to electrical cords
  • Bird Mite Infestation
  • Noises causing nuisance.
  • Health risks
  • Messes made by the nests
  • Fire hazard
  • Droppings littering your property
  • Chimney and Vent blockages

At All Stages Pest Control, we provide exceptional trapping birds NJ services for your home and workplace. We understand the nuisance caused by birds living in your buildings, and we also know the best method to solve this problem. Our technicians are well trained and experienced regarding bird removal and prevention services. Quite a lot of hazards comes with having birds in your home, and we are well equipped to ensure that all these are taken care of in an efficient, professional, effective and humane manner.

Bird Removal and Preventive Methods

For bird removal and control, the most common method is the use of deterrents in pursuing the birds. From experience, the most reliable and effective solutions for bird control are deterrents like bird spikes, scare devices, shock tracks, netting, and trapping. The most common of these is the bird spikes. Our trapping birds NJ service uses most of these deterrents as our animal trapping NJ services always deployed the best most humane methods.

Bird Spikes

Installed on flat surfaces where birds can nest such as signs and ledges, the bird spikes are the most common, effective tactic deployed for bird removal and control, and they are very durable. The spikes would not hurt the birds but rather make it difficult for them to land. Though they are not attractive to the eye, the bird spikes are better than the repulsive sight of bird feces littering everywhere. Because they are attached with very strong adhesive, bird spikes are durable. The individual spikes range from 3 to 7 inches depending on the area to be covered.

Bird Netting

For large areas such as parking garages and balconies, bird nettings are deployed. These are extremely durable and can last for years. To set up, a stainless-steel cable is wound around the perimeter of the area to be used. The net is then attached using small steel rings. This is a very permanent solution for excellent and effective bird control.

One-Way Door

For our trapping birds NJ services, the use of the one-way door is the most preferred solution as trapping and removing is not a very permanent solution. This method involves installing a specially designed door, which allows the birds to leave but not re-enter, to cover all openings.

Trapping and Removal of Skunk in New Jersey

New Jersey trapping skunks removal services in NJ
Skunk in the trap (one way door trap)

We offer professional and diligent skunk removal services in all cities including New Jersey. Our animal trapping NJ services offer exquisite and thorough trapping skunk NJ services. Among the various calls, we get regarding skunk are skunk living in the garage, skunk spraying a pet dog, skunk mothers with babies, skunk burrows, skunk living under the homes and skunk ripping off vents from the house. There are also calls from people having huge flea presence as a result of skunk living on their properties as skunks are known to attract a large number of fleas. Like Salmons, skunks like to go back to the place of their birth to have their own babies, implying that once a skunk gives birth under your home, the children would be back to give birth to their own offspring there too.

Whenever you discover a skunk in your home or workplace, there are things that you must consider. Skunks living on your property can cause damage to your property, leave a repressive odor, litter your surroundings with their droppings and breed on your property. Skunks have a peculiarity of spraying an odorous vapor in defense whenever they feel threatened. Trying to remove or trap skunk improperly by yourself might expose you to an aggressive skunk that will spray you with this repulsive odor. All Stages Pest Control trapping skunk NJ service would remove skunks from your property professionally and efficiently, using very humane methods, as like our other animal trapping NJ services.

Adult Skunk Removal

Avoid the risk of getting sprayed with a foul odor by leaving skunk removal from your property to the professionals. All Stages Pest Control would come to your house and conduct an inspection, checking such areas, as are decks, porches, decks, and extensions. We would provide you with a detailed explanation of the problem as well as identify the main entry points. We would give you the options you have and guide you to choose the best solution before providing you with an affordable and economical estimate. The standard most humane method of removing skunk is the deployment of the one-way door to cover the main entry point, blocking another potential entry point with galvanized steel mesh. Once the skunk leaves the hole, it cannot re-enter. This is the method used by our trapping skunk NJ services.

Baby Skunk Removal

Removing skunks during breeding season require the technician to dig the burrow and physically remove the babies. The babies would then be put in an insulated box near the one-way door for the mother to find them. The mother would eventually relocate the babies to a new den.
We have professionals at All Stages Pest Control, who can assist you with controlling skunks through our efficient trapping skunk NJ services. We would visit your property for proper consultation and fashion you a solution specific to your skunk removal issue, using humane and effective skunk/skunk baby removal methods. Killing Skunks in New Jersey is illegal.

When you discover a skunk on your property, DO NOT attempt to approach it but rather, call the wildlife control experts. People have often attempted to trap skunk themselves, but it is quite very important that you do not do this. Skunk would put up a defense when threatened by either human or other animals, and they may spray or bite. This is a reason enough for you to call the wildlife control professionals. At All Stages Pest Control, we always take care to ensure that the proper method and processes are deployed to conduct a humane skunk removal.

Once you have an issue of skunk on your property, call us at All Stages Pest Control immediately to find a solution to the problem. We have trained, experienced and certified technicians in skunk control services, who work diligently while ensuring the safety of the animal and the customers. We keep our customers in the know by providing detailed updates and explanation about the process while working with our safe and humane processes and methods. For skunk trapping NJ services that are humane, efficient and affordable, All Stages Pest Control is the right place.

Trapping Mice and Rats In New Jersey

NJ trapping mice rats removal services in NJ
Mouse Rat caught in traps

Mice and rats are pests to our health as they are known to host and transmit different diseases such as Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Salmonella, Murine Typhus, Rat Bite Fever, and Plague. These diseases are spread when rats and mice contaminate the surroundings with their urine, feces and even when they bite. Rats and Mice also gnaw, and this is an additional risk to the homes. Gnawing is a means by which rodents wear their teeth down throughout their lives. The gnawing can cause the rodent to chew through wires, which may help start a fire.

At All Stages Pest Control, we have different methods for trapping rodents as part of our animal trapping NJ services. Our trapping rodent NJ service would provide you with an efficient and quick trapping technique to remove rodents, depending on your situation and needs. We understand the proper food baits that easily attract the specific rodent being targeted. We use baits such as peanuts, dried fruits or beef jerky, depending on the type of rodent.

As a procedure of our trapping rodent NJ service, we set the traps in either the sub-area of the structure or in the attics in most cases. The severity of the infestation within your structure determines the number of traps set. All Stages Pest Control technicians have the proper training and experience to determine the approximate number of rodents within the structure. So, they can easily place the appropriate number of traps.

After setting the traps, we would return to service the traps and remove the rodents, following a scheduled trap check appointment prepared by our office, until the rodents have been completely removed. Usually, the process takes about three (3) appointments to get completed. It is advisable to rat-proof the building before starting a trapping rodents NJ program as new rodents may enter the building during the process of trapping the rats if the building has not been rat-proofed.

Our trapping rodent NJ service makes use of rap trapping mostly as it is the most natural method of rodent control. We follow the basic principle of using sufficient traps because we have found out that in most cases, the rats’ populations do exceed expectation. Should you need help with rodent control, call (973) 302-4144, and we’d have our experts sort it out.

Trapping Snake In New Jersey

NJ trapping snakes removal services in NJ
Snake in trap

As part of our animal trapping NJ services, we can help with trapping snake services by helping with snake control, removal and exclusion problems in New Jersey. Our trapping snake NJ service use snake repellants, and there are quite a few effective ones in the market. Using these snake repellants helps to keep the snakes away from your property. Getting rid of snakes living on your property can be tricky as the snakes are always moving about. A snake trap, placed in the correct location, can be effective. However, the major problem is, “where is the correct location?”

A snake trap is as effective as the place it is located, and our trapping snake NJ service ensure always to get the location right. Snake traps have been in use for years. What is, however, new is the quality and type of available snake traps. Snake traps differ in design and can be made from cardboard and glue or fiberglass. Irrespective of the design, snake traps perform well when deployed properly. Snake problems are deadly and must be adequately prevented by [preventing snakes to gain entrance into the property at first.

A fairly effective repellant product for snake control is Snake Away or Snake A Way. As part of our animal trapping NJ services, our trapping snakes NJ service technicians are certified wildlife control professionals that can control and remove snakes from your property as well as preventing new ones from entering. We ensure to seal the structure off to properly protect and control the snakes after removal. Our trapping snake NJ services ensure that snakes are controlled, and you can live free of snakes!

Some of the calls we receive, as part of our trapping snake NJ service, concerning snake removal are snake in a workplace, snake in the basement, snake in the home, snake in the attic, snake in the garage, snake in the shed, snake in the woodpile, snake in the woodpile, snake in the kitchen and some other snake nuisance complains from all over New Jersey.

Wild Animals are Dangerous

Do not put you and your families in harm’s way by considering to perform trapping and removal of animals yourself. Always remember that the animals are wild and dangerous and are best handled by professionals. Our animal trapping NJ services have seasoned professionals who work with safety and care to ensure that harm comes to no one, even the animals, during the process of removing animals. Our traps are humane and effective, and we take great care and planning to ensure that we removed the animals promptly.

Relocation Experts

There are different relocation and release protocols for wildlife and fishes as stated in the relocation of wildlife policy of the NJ DEP Division of Fish and Wildlife. For wild rabies vectors/animals like bats, skunks, raccoons, groundhogs, and foxes, there are specific criteria for their relocation. However and unfortunately, the overabundance of competing species, lack of availability of proper food and lack of natural habitat for some wild animals means that they cannot be relocated ethically. Our animal trapping NJ services at All Stages Pest Control comply completely with both Federal and New Jersey wildlife laws. By ensuring proper trapping and release, the protection of both the wildlife and the community is ensured. Trapping and relocating animals illegally, or killing of wildlife is an offense that attracts penalties (fines and criminal charges of animal cruelty) in New Jersey.

Why Should You Call a Professional?

Fall is almost upon us, and that means that winter is almost here again. The change in color of leaves and the drop in temperature are obvious signs for wildlife to find shelter away for the incoming cold. It is throughout that time of the year when mice, squirrels, and raccoons attain their peaks and the babies born in the past spring would seek to begin their own lives away from their mothers. They will prepare for the advent of winter by straying to your homes and attics for shelter.

Fortunate for you, you can put your trust in the animal trapping NJ services of All Stages Pest Control to make it right. Before the completion of our thorough processes, we would have removed the wildlife from your property as humanely and efficiently as possible, cleared and repaired any damage incurred and protected your homes and workplaces from the subsequent visitation of wildlife.

Guaranteed Wildlife Removal

We are a dedicated animal removal NJ and animal trapping NJ, service provider. We are proud of our works and stake our reputation on it. At All Stages Pest Control, we control and remove animals from commercial, residential and industrial environments using the safest and most humane solutions ever. We offer solutions that have been testified and proven to be effective and give you a guarantee of up to five years! Call us now at 973-302-4144.

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