Bed Bugs Exterminator NJ ~ Do You Have a Bed Bug Problem In New Jersey?

Having a bed bug problem in NJ is something that many people must contend with at least once in their lives. Contrary to belief, bed bugs are not the same as other insects such as cockroaches, which are known to live in and be attracted to filth. Bed bugs always come from an outside source and are adept at hitching rides within luggage, bags, clothing and furniture-even furniture that has come fresh out of the warehouse. There is no association of bed bugs being linked to dirty households or people who don’t practice good hygiene habits. So how do you know whether you have a bed bug problem?

Even a few bed bugs to start will turn into a problem because of the rate that the female bed bugs procreate. A Singular female bed bug will hatch up to 12 eggs per day and will keep producing eggs for their entire lifetime. Since bed bugs have a short incubation period that means each of those eggs that are female will also procreate in a short amount of time for their entire lifespan. Therein lays the problem and soon enough, your house is over run with a bed bug infestation that is difficult to get rid of. bed bugs exterminator nj - #1 bed bugs exterminator in NJ

Identifying bed bugs can be challenging because they are very small, with the adult bed bugs only growing to be about 5 mm at most. This becomes more challenging if you have singular bed bugs to start with because their size makes them difficult to see with the human eye.

Bed bugs are reddish or brown in color, with flat bodies and unless they happen to be hanging out in a cluster together, which is likely in most cases, finding them can be hard. There are however, some telltale signs that you do have a bed bug problem in NJ.

If the bed bugs are clustered, then those who have them will often see small areas of black, brown or reddish spots in obscure places like the creases of the their mattress, along baseboards or within cabinets. Since bed bugs feed on human blood, they usually like to remain where their food sources are such as on mattresses, within pillows, and at times, nesting in furniture where people often sit and will provide them with a feeding place.

Another way to know that you have a bed bug problem NJ is the presence of tiny bite marks on the body. Since the bed bugs feed on human blood, their only source of food to ensure their survival is to bite humans. What is left behind are small welts and bumps, which are often raised and appear as a rash. The bites are usually clustered with three or four marks closely together and the affected area will be very itchy sue to the chemical they inject in the body when feeding.

The chemicals they release are not necessarily harmful to the body, although some people are very sensitive to it and can have an allergic reaction. In severe cases, respiratory problems can surface and this is usually from the skin that is shed by them becoming airborne and affecting the breathing.

If you notice rashes or welts on the body and have ruled out other causes such as an allergic reaction to a new soap or chemical, or another biting culprit such as fleas, then chances are, you have bed bugs, especially if you notice the bites getting worse during the night when you are sleeping.

Often, people will also notice small blood spots or specks on their linen or light colored furniture. When bed bugs bite, it punctures the skin, which causes bleeding. There are often small drops of blood which are visible when these insects feed and this is a sure sign that you may have a bed bug problem in NJ.

Lastly, bed bugs when in large groups will give off a scent that is very much like that of rotten raspberries. This scent is quite noticeable and is also an indication that a bed bug issue exists.

If you notice any of the above signs, inspect your bed, mattress, dresser drawers and other areas that offer hiding places for bed bugs and bed bug clusters. If you should break out in a rash or have pockets of red, swollen and itchy welts you can also see a doctor who will be able to tell you if they are indeed bed bug bites.

Although some people choose to address bed bug problems in NJ and try to rid of the problem themselves, it is often recommended that a professional bed bug service is hired to address the issue, as it is very difficult to get rid of them and many of the products sold over the counter are ineffective and dangerous.

Why Should You Call a Bed Bugs Exterminator New Jersey?

Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that feed on human blood. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs usually are transported into a home from another location and rarely if ever have to do with how clean someone’s home is. Although messy houses and offices can afford bed bugs great hiding places, dirt is not the causation. Those who have had to contend with beg bugs often wrestle with whether they should de-bug their homes themselves or should call a professional bed bug service to rid of the infestation. When it comes to bed bugs extermination NJ the best option will always be to call a professional.

Bed bugs multiply at an alarming rate. A single female bed bug will pay as many as 12 eggs in one day and they will continue to do so until they perish. At that rate, one can have themselves a fierce issue when looking at the numbers of infestation.

Because bed bugs are miniscule (about the size of the head of a pin) they are seen with the naked eye in most cases, but their size can make getting rid of them difficult. Bed bugs have mastered the art of hiding places and can be found not only within mattresses and other bedding, but they also will make their home within floor boards, dressers and within other furniture like couches and chairs. Though they usually prefer to hang out in the areas where they feed, bedbugs don’t have the nesting habits of other insects and therefore are more mobile.

Trained bed bug professionals are privy to all places that bed bugs hide and this is invaluable. Even if you effectively treat the main source of your bed bugs, chances are others have found their way to different areas of the house and will still continue to breed and multiply, which means that if even one area is neglected, your bed bug issue still exists. Repeated treatments due to not ridding of all the sources can become quite costly and frustrating.

There are many different treatments available on the market for bed bugs, however many of them are not as effective as we need them to be to rid of this issue. Additionally many of these harsh chemicals that are sold are dangerous to your family and pet’s health. Professional bed bug companies will use various methods in conjunction with one another for the most effective elimination of this issue.

Some of these methods include chemical and non-chemical treatments such as removing infested items from the home and bagging or storing items that have not yet been affected. Although even some of the pesticides that beg bug companies utilize are not 100% effective, they are more educated on which resources to use on a case by case basis than those trying to rid of the problem on their own.

Bed bugs have a keen knack of becoming resistant to most over the counter methods and chemicals sold to eradicate them and professionals know this. Therefore they can use the safest and most productive methods available. There are remarkable cases of individuals starting fires due to the improper use of such things like bombs and floggers, which will only escalate the issue further.

Another lesser known fact about bed bugs is that there is a lot of biology that goes into understanding how bed bugs are removed successfully. Professionals understand the biology of these insects, their patterns of behavior and how the evacuation methods work with the bed bugs. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes to getting rid of your issue. Since bed bugs multiply at an alarming rate and hid in precarious places, those who take on this job individually almost always find that their issue may be taken care of on the surface, but a deeper issue still remains when the bed bug eggs aren’t found. Thus, a whole new colony of bed bugs spurs and the problem remains troublesome.

Professionals will be able to use the most effective equipment and pesticides, locate all the hiding and breeding areas and therefore can do a much more thorough job at eliminating them altogether so repeated issues are less likely to occur.

They can also offer a series of helpful hints and tips about how to safeguard your home from re-occurrences. Although it is never guaranteed that one can prohibit the infestation of bed bugs, there are measures families can take to lessen the risk of getting them such as placing mattress encasements on their beds and limiting the amount of clutter within the home.

Finding the Right New Jersey Bed Bugs Extermination Company

Finding the right bed bugs extermination company NJ can be confusing and the last thing anyone needs in addition to the stress of a bed bugs infestation is worrying about whether the bed bugs extermination company NJ they choose will be the right company that will provide the best services. The company you select should be one that you are comfortable with and that is reliable. Here are a few tips when considering bed bugs extermination companies NJ.

There are virtually thousands of bed bugs extermination companies NJ in business currently and although the options are vast, what you see is not always what you get when it comes to this kind of business. Having to hire a pest control company NJ is a difficult thing and the stress of the bugs occupying your space is already stress enough. When it comes to the pest control business, all companies are not equal.

If you know someone who has used a particular company, your best bet is to hire someone by word of mouth. People are generally happy to share valuable information and give references for a job well done. Nothing provides better advertising and experiences like the seal of approval of someone else that has already used a company and this is an invaluable resource.

It is perfectly acceptable if you don’t know anyone personally to ask several companies if they have any references that you could call or email and get some feedback. The legitimate companies are more than willing to provide a list of past customers who will also be willing to put in a good (or not so good) word about the company and their services.

If you don’t know anyone, then you will have to rely on your own investigative skills and interviewing techniques, but that too is okay. A good place to start is the yellow pages or business listings on the Internet. Here you will find many listings and can begin your research.

The most important thing about the company you choose is to make sure they are fully licensed and insured. Any company that is reputable will have insurance also referred to as ‘personal liability’ and the going amount is generally about a million dollars. This will safeguard not only you, but will protect your valuables and property should something go a miss.

Licensing is also important because some companies will declare themselves licensed but aren’t. The license protects you and the company and ensures that the products and their work ethics follow suit with governmental and federal policies surrounding pest control.

Also ask what the company’s schedule is for their services. Many pest control companies NJ will only do one treatment per payment and for many critters you will need additional treatments after the initial one. The good companies will pack all the necessary treatments into one price and will clearly outline how many treatments they provide and will give you a schedule of times when they will return.

The company should be versed in the type of pest control you need and will be able to tell you exactly how many visits they should expect to have to make upfront. In some cases, it may take more than the initial quote of treatments, but they should have an average of how many treatments are needed based on your particular situation.

Don’t hire any company who does not offer some kind of service guarantee. Many will tell you that there isn’t a guaranteed of the total elimination of certain pests, which can be true. This is often found in bed bug cases, where missing some of them results in needing future treatments; however, the company you employ should be willing to return within a reasonable time frame should your pest issue persist. If they don’t agree to do so, find another company who will because they are out there and this is standard practice of any reputable company.

The pest control company you hire should have experience in the type of pests you have. While many companies are fully able to terminate a wide range of pests, other companies specialize in specific pest control. Be very clear as to what your pest problem is and then inquire as to whether or not they have experience getting rid of your specific pests.

This is important because different techniques and treatments are used depending on the pest problem and you want a company that will properly treat for the kind of pests you are having trouble with. Pest control is not blanketed, rather it is a specific science and therefore you shouldn’t hire a company that specializes in roaches if your issue involves mice, or a situation similar.

Finally, you will want to shop around for prices so you can get the best deal for your dollar. The pest control business is very competitive, so get a few quotes from reputable companies before choosing one.

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