Bloomfield Pest Control Exterminator – Hiring a Trustworthy Pest Control Service

A reputable Bloomfield exterminator can help you rodent proof your house, get rid of bed bugs, or solve any problem related to pest control. Bloomfield NJ homeowners should only hire fully licensed and insured pest control companies. A truly trustworthy rodent exterminator Bloomfield NJ will also help you with rodent proofing. Bloomfield NJ residents should not have to pay twice to solve the same rodent problem. Likewise, reliable bed bugs exterminators Bloomfield NJ will follow up with you several times to make sure they have really gotten rid of all the bed bugs. Before you give the pest control company the okay to start spraying for bugs or trapping mice, make sure you understand what the services will cost and how that total was calculated.

Signs of a Rodent Problem

A rodent exterminator Bloomfield NJ can tell a lot about the type and scope of the rodent infestation just by inspecting your house. Even before he sees a single mouse or rat, he can develop a customized plan to get rid of them. He can also determine how the mice or rats got into the house, which will help him make an effective plan for rodent proofing Bloomfield NJ. When the pest control team inspects your house, they will find out the following information:bloomfield nj pest control - exterminator pest control service bloomfield nj

  • Whether your house has mice, rats, or both
  • Which parts of the house the rodents have infested
  • The rodents’ routes of travel
  • Approximately how many mice or rats are in your house

You may not be able to find out all those details yourself, but if you look and listen carefully, you can tell whether you have a rodent infestation. If you notice any of these signs, call a rodent exterminator Bloomfield NJ.

1.) Droppings: Mouse and rat droppings are pellets, smaller than rabbit droppings, which are similarly shaped. If the droppings are dark in color and soft, it means that they have been there for less than three days. After three days, the droppings become harder and lighter in color. Insects such as the spider beetle feed on rodent droppings, so if you see these insects in your house, it might alert you to the presence of the spider beetle. Mouse and rat droppings pose a disease risk for humans, so you should do not handle them, even with gloves on. Just breathing the air near rodent droppings can expose you to the pathogens they carry.

2.) Signs of Gnawing: The front teeth of mice and rats grow constantly. Therefore, these rodents need to chew constantly to prevent their teeth from becoming overgrown. Rodents will chew on almost anything to keep their incisors from becoming overgrown. They usually chew on wooden structures and on cardboard food packages, but they might also chew plastic containers or even soap. The biggest danger is when they chew on wires and metal pipes. This can cause power outages, fires, and water leakages in your house. In cartoons, you often seen “mouse holes” where mice have chewed a hole in the wall. While rodents are certainly capable of chewing holes in walls, and while they do tend to live inside the walls of the house, you will probably find signs of gnawing in less obvious places. When you do find these signs, call for professional pest control Bloomfield NJ.

3.) Signs of Rodent Traffic:
Mice and rats tend to keep following the same paths from the nest or burrow to a reliable source of food. Look for these signs of rodent travel inside or outside your house.

  •  Greasy Marks on the Walls – Mice and rats tend to run close to the walls, where people and cats are less likely to catch them. Rodents have greasy fur, and they often leave greasy marks along the walls, especially on the floorboards.
  • Rodent Runs – You are more likely to find rodent runs in the yard than inside the house. Rodent runs are the frequently traveled paths of rodents. They appear as narrow, trampled down areas of grass or dirt.
  • Rodent Tracks – Look for the footprints of mice and rats in your house or yard.
  • Urine “Pillars” – Rodents tend to have favorite places to use as bathrooms. As rodent urine accumulates and dries, it gathers dust and dirt. Look for mounds of dirt in cabinets or on the floor close to the walls.

4.) Nests and Burrows: Mice and rats are prey animals, so they like to live in places where they will be safe from predators. Inside the walls of houses, it is very hard for any danger to get to them. They will build nests and burrows almost anywhere that they will be safe.

  • Nests – Mice and rats tend to build nests inside the walls of houses. They might take nesting materials such as little bits of paper and cloth and carry them to the nest. The insulation in the walls also makes for desirable nesting material
  • Burrows – If you have piles of debris in your yard, rats might build a burrow inside the pile. Rats especially like to build burrows in piles of debris that are near sources of water.

5.) Signs of Food Stealing: Safety is one of the main reasons that mice and rats take up residence in people’s houses. The other major reason is food. Mice and rats have very strong front teeth and can easily chew through most food packages. If you notice holes in food packages that you thought were unopened, especially packages at the back of the pantry, mice and rats might be to blame. Another sign that mice and rats have gotten into your food is if you find rodent droppings in the back corners of your kitchen cabinet. Keeping food in airtight plastic containers, after the original package has been opened, can help stop rodents from raiding your food.

6.) Mysterious Sounds: Mice and rats are more active at night, so in the rare event that you see one, it will usually be during the nighttime hours. If you have a rodent infestation, though, you will be able to hear the mice and rats almost every night. Most of the time, you will hear them scurrying and scratching inside the walls. If you hear these sounds on multiple occasions, call a Bloomfield exterminator. Although he might not be able to hear them in the daytime, he will know what other signs to look for to know which part of the walls the rodents have chosen for their residence.

7.) Foul Odors: You might find old rodent droppings in your house before your nose gives you any indication that the droppings are there, but sometimes you can notice the smell of rodent wastes. Some people describe the smell of rodent wastes as being similar to acetamide. You are more likely to notice the odor if the rodents are near an air vent. Since pathogens in rodent droppings can be spread through the air, it is important to call a Bloomfield exterminator promptly if you notice this smell. The pest control team will not only remove the wastes but will also disinfect and deodorize the affected area.

8.) Unusual Behavior of Pets: If you have a cat, you have probably seen it stare, flip its ears back, and switch its tail back and forth when it sees a bird or mouse through the window, even if you do not see the prey animal. If there are mice and rats in the house, your cat might similarly exhibit stalking or hunting behavior. It might become interested in areas of the wall that have mice or rats living behind them. As much as it would like to, your cat cannot catch all the mice and rats that live inside the walls. The only way to get rid of them is to call for professional pest control Bloomfield NJ.

9.) Rodent Sightings: The surest sign that you have a rodent infestation is if you actually see mice or rats with your own eyes. You should call a pest control service the first time you see a mouse or rat, but if you wait until you see the rodent multiple times, you will probably see the rodent in the same place, because mice and rats have favorite paths from their nests to food sources. Mice and rats are nocturnal animals, so rodent sightings usually take place at night. If you see mice and rats in your house during the day, it means that there is a large population or that they are looking for a new food source.

Why You Should Rodent Proof Your House

The only permanent solution to mouse and rat infestations is rodent proofing. Bloomfield NJ houses usually become infested with rodents when mice or rats squeeze in through cracks in exterior walls. Hiring a professional exterminator to trap the mice and rats in your house is a waste of money if you do not have the places where the rodents entered repaired, because soon you will just have another rodent infestation. The exterminators will inspect your house carefully to see where the mice and rats got in. Rodent proofing is the only reliable way to prevent future infestations.

Who Should Do My Rodent Control Services?

Only a thoroughly licensed and insured pest control company should be trusted to perform rodent control and rodent proofing services. Do it yourself rodent control interventions are not effective at eliminating rodent infestations, and they are unnecessarily inhumane. No one wants a house full of dead mice, whether they have been killed by mouse traps or rat poison. Besides, these interventions are also dangerous for children and pets. Ideally, you should hire a pest control company skilled in Integrated Pest Management, where the focus is much more on preventing infestations than on using the strongest possible chemicals to kill insects and rodents.

Identifying the Problem

The first stage of rodent control is when the pest control team comes to your house and thoroughly inspects it in order to find out as many details as possible about the rodent infestation. They will try to find out whether the rodents in your house are mice or rats, how many there are, how they got in, and where in your house they live.
If you have called the pest control company about an insect infestation, they will also try to find out which parts of your house are infested and how and why the insects got there.

Taking Care of the Root Cause of the Problem

Swatting flies and spraying bug spray only address a symptom of the problem. They do not stop the insect infestation. Treating the problem at its source could mean spraying pest control chemicals inside the walls of your house. In the case of termite infestations, it might even mean that you have to leave your house for several days so that the pest control team can fumigate the house and then give it time for the fumes to dissipate. Bed bugs exterminators Bloomfield NJ have a particularly challenging task, because bed bug infestations are so hard to get rid of at their source.

Minimizing Damage to Your House

You might be one of those people who is not afraid of mice and rats and not particularly grossed out by bugs. For this reason, calling a pest control service about an insect or rodent infestation might not seem like an urgent matter, but consider this. Insects and rodents can cause costly damage to your house. Termites and other insects eat away at wooden structures in your house, including walls. Mice and rats can chew through electrical wires and drain pipes, which can cause disastrous damage to your house. Call a pest control service before the damage becomes severe.

Affordable Rodent Control Solutions

You might be thinking that professional pest control is very expensive, but it does not have to be. Integrated Pest Management focuses more on prevention than it does on big interventions, and its aim is to use as few chemicals as possible, just enough to get rid of the infestation. Do it yourself pest control interventions may seem like the affordable choice, because bug spray, roach bait, and mouse traps are cheap, but do it yourself fixes will not actually solve your pest problem. The only way to really get rid of pests is to hire a professional pest control service.

More Effective Rodent Control

Most mice and rats in home infestations live in crawl spaces or inside the walls, where it is very difficult to get to them. If homeowners put out rat poison, the best possible outcome is still not very desirable, namely that the rats will take it with them inside the walls. If that happens, then the walls of your house will be full of dead rats. There will be a terrible smell, and it will be difficult and costly to get them out; you will need to hire a professional for the job, anyway. The better solution is just to call a reliable pest control company.

Bed Bug Extermination in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Bed bugs exterminators Bloomfield NJ are in high demand these days. Bed bug infestations are very common in the summer in the northeastern United States, and it seems like they have only become more frequent in recent years. Do it yourself interventions for bed bug infestations cannot really get to the root of the problem. Washing your sheets in very hot water may kill a few bed bugs, but there will still be a lot of other bed bugs in other parts of your house. To get rid of bed bugs once and for all, you need a professional exterminator.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularis) are small, flightless insects with translucent bodies. They feed on the blood of mammals and birds, so they often live in bat roosts and bird nests. In people’s houses, they usually live on mattresses and bite people who are sleeping. Bed bug bites are small and itchy, and they are usually on people’s arms and legs, since those are the parts of the body least likely to be covered by pajamas. Bed bugs usually get into the house by riding on people’s clothing or suitcases, after jumping onto the clothing or suitcases from a hotel room or train seat.

How Can I Tell If My House Has Bed Bugs?

To tell if your house has bed bugs, look for the insects in their favorite hiding places. They like to live on mattresses, clothing, suitcases, and upholstered furniture. You are especially likely to find them near the seams on these items. You might also find them on wall to wall carpets, near the floorboards. In addition to looking for adult bed bugs, also look for larvae and eggs, as well as egg shells and bed bug droppings.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs is a major challenge. The only sure way to get rid of a bed bug infestation is by hiring the services of a professional pest control company. Even when it is done by professionals, the process of getting rid of a bed bug infestation can take a long time. The pest control team might need to come back to your house for several follow up visits to make sure that they have gotten rid of all the bed bugs and their eggs.

Home Remedies for Bed Bug Infestation

While none of the do it yourself remedies for bed bug infestations is as effective as professional pest control, the most effect home treatment is vacuuming. Vacuum any carpeted rooms, paying special attention to the areas next to the floorboards. It is also a good idea to vacuum mattresses, suitcases, and upholstered chairs and couches. Another home remedy is to wash clothes, sheets, and towels in very hot water, at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Professional Exterminators Can Get Rid of Roaches in Bloomfield, New Jersey

You have probably tried to get rid of roaches with bug spray or roach bait, and it probably did not work very well. Roaches reproduce very quickly, and one clutch of eggs can result in hundreds of roaches. If you kill off one generation of roaches, another generation will hatch, more numerous than the last. Only a professional pest control service can get rid of both the roaches and their eggs and also prevent future roach infestations.

Drain Fly Control in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Drain flies are very small insects; they are about the size of gnats. The reason that they are called drain flies is that they like to live near standing water. You are likely to have drain flies in your yard if there is any standing water, such as a drain that drains slowly or a bird bath. Drain flies are harmless to humans; they do not sting or bite. Having big swarms of tiny insects in your yard is annoying, though. A professional pest control service can eradicate drain fly infestations.

Pest Control for Nuisance Ants in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Like drain flies, ants are quite harmless, but still annoying. Unlike drain flies, ants are likely to infest the inside of the house, especially the kitchen, because they are attracted by food. While certain types of essential oils are effective at deterring ants from your kitchen, they are not as effective as the pest control chemicals used by professional pest control companies. If you see ants in your house, call a professional pest control service to eradicate the infestation. They will get rid of the ants quickly and effectively.

Pavement Ants

You are not likely to find pavement ants in your house, but you are likely to find them in the yard. Worker pavement ants, which are female ants that do not reproduce, look very similar to the types of ants you see in your house. Swarmer pavement ants, which are reproducing ants of both sexes, are much bigger, and they fly.
The way to get rid of a pavement ant infestation is with ant bait. Worker ants will carry the poisonous bait back to their colony, and all the ants will eat it.

Carpenter Ants

As their name suggests, carpenter ants are fond of anything made of wood. They especially like damp or decaying wood. If you have a tree stump or log in your yard, the chances are very good that a colony of carpenter ants will take up residence there. Other things in your yard that make an attractive home for carpenter ants include wooden benches and picnic tables, porch swings, sheds, piles of firewood, and wooden patio furniture, especially if any of these items are in poor condition.

Fungus Gnat Control in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Fungus gnats usually live near potted plants inside or outside the house. Their favorite foods are fungi that live in damp soil. The soil in potted plants tends to be very damp, because most people who have potted plants water them much too often. You do not need to water a houseplant more than once a week. After you water the plant, wait for the soil to dry completely before you water the plant again.

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