Bloomfield NJ: Essential Dead Skunk Removal Information

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Any time you have a skunk on your property, it is essential that you take care to avoid the animal in order to avoid being sprayed. What most people do not know is that although the skunk itself may pose a minor threat when it is alive, as it can spray a person and leave a smell that will last for quite some time; the real threat appears when the skunk dies and begins to rot on your property. Once the animal has begun to rot, there are a variety of different bacteria and diseases that begin to present themselves and pose a threat to not only yourself, but your family as well. A smell may be a minor threat, but many of the diseases that you could potentially catch from the carcass of the dead skunk are much more than a minor threat. This is why it is so important to leave the dead skunk removal in Bloomfield NJ to the experts who are completely equipped to deal with the problem.

About the Professionals

We are a service that provides dead skunk removal in Bloomfield NJ along with a variety of other places. Our experienced technicians will completely remove the dead body of the skunk, as well as any other pieces or feces that may have been left behind. We then completely sanitize and disinfect the area surrounding the resting place of the dead skunk, and remove any type of bacteria or maggots that may have infested the skunk itself. Of course, after we have removed the bacteria and maggots, there is still the problem of the odor that is left behind by the rotting body.

After each of the other steps are done, we completely destroy any remaining odor in order to leave the area that the skunk was in smelling fresh and clean. This removes any chance of harm befalling your family, and completely removes any traces of the dead skunk that was on your property. After we are done, we safely dispose of the body in a way that will protect both our staff members and other people in the area. We look forward to helping you and removing any type of critter that you may have on your property. There is absolutely no reason to put your family in harm’s way when there is a dead animal on your property. Instead, give us a call and have the service performed for you!

skunk carcass removal in bloomfield nj - disposal of dead skunk carcass in bloomfield new jersey
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