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Dead Wildlife Removal Services

One of the big attractions of living in New Jersey is the diversity of the State’s wildlife. From cuddly critters like the gray squirrel to big animals like the deer, the variety of species visible from your backyard is sure to astound out of state visitors. (It warrants mention, of course, that you should never attempt to touch, feed, or cuddle a wild animal, no matter how cute it might be.) Most of the time, you will see happy and healthy creatures passing through your backyard, but occasionally, you will need dead animal removal. Cranford NJ residents can count on us to remove dead animals from houses and yards and to reduce the spread of disease that the presence of these animals might cause. It is not a good idea to attempt to do your own dead animal pick up. Cranford NJ has just the right climate for lots of insects and parasites to thrive, and these will choose you as their new hosts if you try to get near them. Instead, call on professionals who have the experience and equipment to remove dead animals from your home and property in a way that ensures your safety and the safety of your pets.

Dead Animal Removal Cranford NJ – The Services We Provide

We are in the business of dead animal removal Cranford NJ. That means that we remove the bodies of dead animals from any part of your house or your property. That includes highly visible places like the yard, porch, deck, or swimming pool, where you would immediately notice a dead animal and where you would want to get rid of the unsightly carcass as quickly as possible. We also remove dead animals from harder to see and harder to reach parts of your house, such as the garage, attic, or crawl space, or even under the house. It is also possible for small animals, such as mice and rats, to get stuck inside the walls of your house, and we can remove those, too. We can remove any kind of animal from your property, from the usual mice, rats, squirrels, opossums, ducks, rabbits, and raccoons to the more newsworthy fox, skunk, groundhog, and deer.

Why Professional Dead Animal Services Are Important

If an animal has ever died on your property, you know that removing it and disposing of it is an unpleasant experience and that it is very difficult to make the place where you found it look and smell as though the dead animal was never there. Trying to remove a dead animal from your property presents a whole range of health hazards, which is why it is important to call for professional dead animal pick up Cranford NJ, in addition to being an ideal habitat for graceful wading birds and delightfully creepy reptiles, is also a great habitat for germs. Even if you do manage to remove any stains left where the dead animal was and get rid of noticeable smells (which is even more difficult), it is almost impossible for people who are not professionals in the business of animal removal to get rid of all the pathogens left behind by the dead animal and the decomposers that found it before you did. Likewise, even if you do manage to get rid of the smells that alerted you to the presence of the dead animal in the first place, the best you can do on your own is to replace them with the strong smell of cleaning products, which is not really much easier to live with. At best, it can lead to a cycle of trying to cover up one smell with another, stronger smell. If the smell of cleaning products gets to you, you might put an air freshener in the area you just cleaned, but using enough air freshener to cover up the chemical smell might leave you feeling like you have just sprayed air freshener directly at your face, which is a very unpleasant experience. This whole situation is even worse if you have allergies or are otherwise highly sensitive to smells. If you are the kind of person who sneezes every time you walk past a perfume counter at a department store, then trying to remove smells from your home the old fashioned way just will not do.

Fleas and ticks depend on a live, warm-blooded host in order to survive. If you have ever had an indoor outdoor cat, you know that it gets fleas when it goes near other animals, or even just when it goes outside, whereas cats that stay indoors get far fewer fleas and ticks. If a mammal (such as a deer, rat, squirrel, or opossum) dies on your property, you and your pets will be the obvious choice of new hosts for its fleas and ticks. Keep in mind that ticks can transmit serious illnesses to humans and domestic animals. If you try to remove the dead animal by yourself, you are providing a perfect opportunity for the fleas and ticks to bite you.

Perhaps the grossest part of this situation is that the smell of a dead animal on your property can attract other animals. Even if you have never seen a rat, opossum, raccoon, or feral cat in your yard before, your yard can quickly become a hangout for these creatures once they notice the smell of a dead animal there. Fortunately, dead animal removal Cranford NJ can help.

In fact, dead animal pick up Cranford NJ can help with the entire process, from beginning to end, from removing the animal to making your house or yard seem as though the animal had never been there at all, had never set a paw or webbed foot in your yard or had never slithered onto your driveway or the walkway leading up to your house. When you see us approaching in our protective gear, you will know immediately that we are ready for serious work. First, we will remove the carcass and then set about the task of cleaning and deodorizing the area in order to get rid of insects and germs. We will spray environmentally safe chemicals in order to kill fleas, flies, and ticks that had been living on the animal and to deter new ones from being attracted to the area. After that, we will disinfect the area in order to kill bacteria. Finally, we will clean and deodorize the area in order to remove stains and smells. All of our products are environmentally safe, and the products we use will leave the area without a noticeable smell.

If you call us about your animal removal needs, we will send someone to you promptly to remove the animal. We serve Cranford NJ as well as other areas in Union County and the surrounding counties in Union County New Jersey.

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