Dead Opossum Removal Service

Opossums (also known as possums), are probably the most commonly seen marsupial. But, unlike other marsupials, opossums are scavengers. They can eat almost anything, so they can turn up dead almost anywhere. And if you do find one dead, you have to know what to do, because just because it’s dead, doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous.

There are many different species of opossums. There are at least 60 different species actually. Of course, the size of the opossum will depend on the species. Most of them though, from head to the end of the tail are around 2.5 feet in length. If the opossum isn’t full grown, then obviously the animal will be smaller.

dead opossum rotten on the ground

Because opossums are scavengers and can eat almost anything, you can find them almost anywhere. They generally are smart and sneaky animals that get themselves into bad places that you don’t want them to be in. They’ll eat anything, and aren’t afraid of much. So you can find them in trash cans, dumpsters, other types of large containers with food inside, etc. The places you can potentially find a opossum are practically endless.

Opossums are scavengers, so if you see road kill, it’s likely there is a opossum nearby wanting to eat the dead animal. And, if the opossum isn’t fast enough or decides to play dead, it’s quite likely the opossum may become road kill as well. Obviously you aren’t trying to kill the animal, but sometimes, things just happen.

Even though it is possible to kill an opossum with your car, it’s far more likely you’ll simply find one dead. No matter how it died, it is still a dead animal, so you should be careful. Opossums can die many different ways, like any other animal. But because these animals are so fearless and will go practically anywhere for some food, finding them dead is more likely than some other kind of animal.

You could find a opossum dead anywhere. It could be inside your house, garage, on your lawn, in your trash can, in your yard, basically anywhere. And finding one of your driveway or on your street as roadkill is not all that uncommon either. But if you do find one dead, do not touch the body. It could have been anywhere, and how can you know how it died? It could have died from a disease or virus that is still living on the dead body. So do not touch it, because you can never be too careful.

Whenever you find a dead animal, and especially one like a opossum, it’s safest if you don’t handle the situation yourself. Why not let other people do it that actually know what they’re doing? They will have both the know-how, and the equipment to remove the body, and the smell, quickly.

Anything dead smells bad. It is just the way of the world. Dead bodies don’t wake up and put deodorant on. They smell horrible. And a opossum is going to stink too. So getting rid of the body isn’t all of your problem. Because once your ridded of the body, you may ask yourself, but now what or who can I call to get rid of the smell? But don’t worry. Professionals will not only get rid of the rotting animal’s body, but they can even eliminate the disgusting smell that’s been left behind. And that is a good thing for not only you, but for everyone you live with. Because anything that smells bad, does not put you in a good mood.

Also, if you see a dead opossum, you should treat it like you’d treat any other dead animal. Viruses, diseases, parasites‚Ķ anything could be living on that body. And there is no way you could know that anything bad was living there unless you conducted a test on the body (which most people don’t have access to), or if you were to actually get sick. And I don’t think you want to get sick with something you totally don’t understand.

If you do see a dead opossum, get the help of dead opossum removal services right away. Because the dead opossum will attract other scavengers and pests to the area as well. So contact professionals as soon as possible unless you want a mob of animals at your house.

So basically, you could find a dead opossum practically anywhere. And because these animals are scavengers and can get into tricky places, it’s really important to stay away of the body for many reasons. There could be harmful viruses and other harmful things living on the body. And obviously you can never be too safe when dealing with something dead. It’s also important to contact professionals as soon as you find the body because that way other animals won’t find it. And, not only will they rid you of the dead body, but the disgusting smell too!

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