Dead Rabbit Removal

dead rabbit lying on the ground in new jersey

Bunnies are fast and more than plentiful. If your yard is like most of the yards in the New Jersey area, you see those playful rabbits on a regular basis. They tend to return to the same locations and have tons of babies to make sure they stick around for generations. The only bad thing about having lots of rabbits in your yard (besides the fact that they enjoy your garden as much as you do) is that it is inevitable, given enough time and enough rabbits, that you’ll have to deal with a dead rabbit eventually. Those little rabbits are just as stinky and disgusting when they are dead as they are fun and furry when they are alive. It is important to take care of the dead rabbit removal on a New Jersey property as quickly and effectively as possible to prevent the potential problems that can arise if the problem is left alone.

Fixing the dead rabbit problem is a two stage process. The first step is to pick up the dead rabbit and the second step is to properly dispose of the carcass. There are precautions to take when you decide to remove a dead rabbit from your New Jersey property. Dealing with the smell is normally the first hurdle to overcome. Because of the terrible smell that comes along with a decaying carcass, the odor can be completely overwhelming. If you get past the smell, you must also take steps to be sure that the removal is sanitary.

Although diseases typically are not transmitted from animal carcasses to humans, the bacteria associated with the carcass still requires caution. Also, the removal needs to be done in a timely manner to prevent any interaction with pets or children (in addition to helping to get rid of the smell problem). Lastly, don’t assume that the smell will go away immediately when the animal is removed from your property. Your other option, of course, is to completely forego all of those hassles and make a simple phone call to All Stages Pest Control and let us take care of the problem for you.

The solution isn’t completely finished after removal. The next step in the process is disposal. Most jurisdictions have rules and/or guidelines about how to properly remove dead rabbits and other animals from your New Jersey property.

In many places, improperly disposing of an animal can lead to fines or other hassles. Also, do not pawn your problem off onto someone else by simply moving the rabbit carcass to some else’s property. Don’t make your problem into their problem. Make a quick phone call to us and we will take care of all of your rabbit carcass removal services in NJ. We will be happy to remove the dead rabbit and help remove the smell. We will also properly dispose of the dead rabbit carcass to ensure that all local regulations are met.

Don’t spend your precious time dealing with a nasty problem. Just pick up the phone and call us now at (973) 302-4144 for guaranteed peace of mind.

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