Islip, NY: Wildlife Removal And Proofing Service

Here you are in our lovely town of Islip, Suffolk County, NY and you have found that you are sharing your home with a wild animal of some kind in the attic. You haven’t seen it but you know it’s up there because you can hear it. What is your next step? What can you do to get animal removal Islip NY accomplished?

The easy answer is to call us. There are plenty of exterminating companies listed online and you should get in touch with them as soon as possible. Some of them will not do animal removal at all. Most are what is known as ‘pest control’ companies. They just spray for bugs and termites. However you will find some that do animal removal and other related things.

animal removal proofing trapping exclusion service islip, ny
Animal Removal And Proofing Service Islip, NY
It would also be a really good idea to have your home ‘animal proofed’ so that when the problem is solved that they won’t have any way to re-infest your property again. If the area is not ‘proofed’ they will be back soon enough.

When you are looking for a professional you should check for the following:

  • Do they guarantee the work
  • Are they fully insured
  • Do they look professional
  • Are they humane to the animals
  • Are they fully licensed
  • Do they do a thorough and honest job
  • Are they on-time with their promises

You should not be bashful about demanding these of your animal removal Islip NY professional wildlife trapper. Talk to them and make certain they sound like they are knowledgeable about their trade.

There are a few more things you should look for in this professional:

  • Besides trapping and sealing entry points do they repair any damage
  • Do they work in commercial property as well as residential
  • What types of animals do they remove

Just keep in mind that a professional can take care of your problems both in an effective manner and quickly. They will treat the animals humanely. So prior to hiring a professional who can really trap the animal in a humane fashion, proof your home so it will not be used again prevent further infestation, talk to a few so you can get a feel on who’s telling you the truth. Not all animal removal Islip NY companies are equal. You will find in the long run you will always be better off to have done your homework early. It will save you both time and money.

Squirrel Removal And Proofing In Islip, NY

It is fun to watch squirrels chase each other up and down trees in the park, and a squirrel perched on the side on a garbage can, eating a huge chocolate chip cookie, is an adorable sight indeed, but you do not want squirrels inside your house. Effective squirrel proofing is difficult to do by yourself and is best left to professionals.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

Squirrels are very crafty when it comes to finding ways to get into your house and attic. Anyone who has ever had a backyard bird feeder knows that squirrels will eventually find a way to outwit almost any squirrel baffle. Squirrel proofing Islip NY requires experts in the behavior of the eastern grey squirrel, which we are. For example, we know which places in homes are attractive and accessible to squirrels. In the Slip NY suburbs, squirrels are happy living in trees, but in the winter, they look for a warm place to hibernate. Our squirrel proofing in Islip NY services will block the pathways through which squirrels usually find their way into your home.

How Squirrels Enter

It is easier for squirrels to enter old houses than new ones, because the cracks and gaps give them opportunities to enter. If you are in need of squirrel proofing Islip NY, it probably means that your home needs some professional repairs. Squirrels like to enter through soffits and damaged pieces of trim, so it is important to get these repaired to keep squirrels out. Even if the damage is minor, if there is a hole big enough for a squirrel to get inside, they will remove insulation and make their nest big enough for them to live comfortably, causing further damage to your house.

Why You Need Squirrel Proofing Service Islip, NY

Squirrels living in the walls of your house may sound like it is only a minor annoyance, but it can actually cause serious damage to your house. Squirrels will chew almost anything. They are likely to chew water pipes so that they can have access to water. This can lead to flooding in the walls of your house, which can be very expensive to repair. They can also chew electrical wires, which can cause a fire. Of course, squirrels can carry rabies and other diseases, so you don’t want them coming into direct contact with you.

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