Long Beach, NY: Dead Animal Carcass Removal And Disposal Service

It isn’t a pleasant thing to think about, but if there is a dead animal on your property, it is important to have it removed promptly and safely. The unpleasant sight and smell are just the beginning; having a dead animal in your yard, attic, or crawlspace can lead to an array of health hazards. The presence of a carcass on your property can attract all kinds of other animals and microbes. Trying to remove the animal by yourself can expose you to disease-causing germs which are hard to remove even after you have disposed of the carcass. The best choice is to enlist the help of experts in dead animal removal Long Beach NY.

Dead Animal Removal Long Beach NY – Risks Associated with Dead Animals on Your Property

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Dead raccoon and deer

Decomposers are the part of the food chain that we are least likely to think about; they are so much less noticeable than green plants that photosynthesize and apex predators like saltwater crocodiles and like us, for that matter. You can no longer ignore the decomposition part of the food chain when you discover the carcass of a groundhog, raccoon, or skunk rotting on your property. There might be flies buzzing around it and maggots and worms crawling around on it. If left long enough, carcasses in the yard or shed or under the porch or deck may attract scavengers, such as mice and rats and stray cats and dogs. Needless to say, you can get sick from touching the carcass and the uninvited guests it has attracted, even if you wear gloves.

We Can Help – Dead Animal Removal Long Beach NY

We are your best choice for dead animal removal Long Beach NY. We will not just scoop the carcass into a garbage bag and disappear; we will thoroughly clean the area to remove the smell and kill any harmful microbes. All of our cleaning products are “green” and environmentally safe. We will get rid of any fleas, worms, and maggots and remove the mess so completely that they do not come back. Our deodorizing products will neutralize odors but will not leave a lingering chemical smell in the area. Whether it is just a matter of removing dead mice or birds that your cat has killed or removing large animals like deer, we will leave the area looking and smelling like nothing untoward ever happened there. Call us anytime you need dead animal removal Long Beach NY; we will provide prompt service for a good price.

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