Los Angeles, CA: Animal Removal, Trapping, Proofing And What To Expect From An Animal Removal Company

If you are looking for animal removal Los Angeles, here’s what to expect from an animal removal company:

1.) Are they license, insure, and bonded? Ask a copy of their license, insurance, and bond.

2.) Are they experienced? How many years have they been involve in animal removal and animal exclusion.
3.) How long they been in business? You must ask how many years they been in business
4.) Do they have complains and bad reviews? You could check online with the websites such as yelp, BBB, Angie’s list, etc.
5.) What type of warranty are they offering? Usually a company offers 1 to 5 years on animal proofing.
6.) Do they give you an estimate or free inspection? Most companies they provide free estimate and free inspection. Some companies they charge $75.00 for an inspection fee which you could deduct if you take the service.
7.) Do they give you a recommendation for the future? All companies should offer recommendations to prevent the animals from entering your house or property.
8.) Do they have location in your local area? It is important to hire a local company because it is easy to contact the company that you hire if you need an immediate service.

9.) What type of service do they offer? Usually an animal removal company offers animal trapping, animal proofing, animal damage repair, installing a one-way tunnel, installing chimney caps and vent covers, insulation removal and replacement, animal feces and urine cleanup and sanitizing, and removing dead animals. A lot of these companies they provide 24 hour animal control Los Angeles area.

10.) Do the animal removal company offer an emergency service if needed? Most animal removal company Los Angeles offers emergency service, Some companies they charge an extra fee for nights and weekend.
11.) Do they humanely remove the live animals? All animal removal companies must humanely the live animal and relocate the animals at a distance of at least 15 miles.
12.) How’s their customer service? Do you get a live person on the phone or a voicemail.
13. ) Do the animal removal company have referrals?
14.) What type of tools and equipments do they have? Usually animal removal companies use galvanized steel wire mesh traps, snake tongs, snake hooks, snake bags, raccoon snare, carrying cages, baits and lures, repellent for birds, bird spikes, bird netting, bat cone, bat netting, deer fencing, deer repellent, coyote cages, 1/4×1/4 steel gauge for animal proofing and one-way tunnel

15.) Do they give you an invoice with the job in details? All companies should give you an invoice with all the details of the work that is being perform.
16.) Do they cleanup and sanitize the animal feces and urine? Most animal removal company recommend that you cleanup and sanitize the animal feces, urine, and nesting material on the insulation.
17.) Do they offer a repair for any damage that was cause by animals? Most animal removal company will repair the damage.
Do they guarantee their repairs? Most animal removal companies guarantee their repairs at least 1 to 5 years.
18.) Do they explain everything to you? A professional animal removal company Los Angeles should explain everything to you before you sign an agreement to do the job.
19.) Do they remove any animal carcass on your property? Most animal removal company will remove any animal carcass.
20.) Do they replace the contaminated insulation with new insulation? Most animal removal company will replace the contaminated insulation with new insulation.
21.) Are they a member of any State associate? Check if they are a member of an association:


22.) Do they offer to fix the roofing, fascia, soffit, vent and siding repairs? A lot of animal removal company will do the repair.

23.) Are they using poison or chemical to remove the live animal from your property? A professional animal removal company should never use poison or chemical to remove a live animal from your property.

24.) Do they remove the bad animal odor in your home? A lot of animal removal company Los Angeles will remove the bad smell from the animal.

The Areas That The Animals Are Entering In Your Home
Soffits, vents in the roof, uncovered chimney, dormers, dormer soffit, porch, deck, plumbing stacks, broken windows, broken doors, underneath the garage doors, hole on the roof, wooden gable vent, fascia board, ground-level pipes, cat door, window well, broken downspouts, broken gutters, gaps around chimney, torn or missing crawl space cover, crawl space doors, and basement doors.

The Areas Where You Might Have Wild Animals Outside Your Home
Underneath the shed, under porch, under deck, hollow trees, bushes, garbage can (It has to be secure).

Animal Trapping Los Angeles – The Importance Of Having A Good Traps

Animal trapping Los Angeles. In some cases a trap is as good as a trapper, everything depends on the experience of the animal expert. An animal removal company that has been doing this type of work for a long time has a lot of experience with all aspect in regards to the job and also providing 24 hour animal control Los Angeles area.

When a trap is place on top of the roof, it has to be mounted and secure. The animal and wind could knock the trap down. Other areas that you could put traps are: Inside the attic, in the garage, in the loft of the garage, in crawlspace, near the fence line at the end of the yard, near the garbage can, near the shed, underneath the porch, under deck, and near any holes on the ground where the animal is at.

There are different traps for different animals according to the size of the animal. Where to buy these traps? You could buy it at Home Depot, Lowes, Local Hardware Stores, Online such as Amazon, Tomahawk, And Havahart. Most of these traps it comes with a one year warranty.

Baiting The Traps

You can use cat food, dog food, dog biscuits, sardines, tuna fish, peanut butter, and Nutella,,bird food.The bait food has to be secure, if not the animal could remove the bait food from the trap without triggering the mechanism inside the cage.

The images below is showing how to bait a one way door trap and how to bait a two door trap:

animal removal los angeles ca - how to bait a trap with one way door trap
image from Havahart – how to bait a one way door trap
animal removal los angeles ca - how to bait a two door trap
Image from Havahart – how to bait a two door trap

If the weather is too hot or cold, you must check the trap every day if not the animal will freeze to death or die from the heat.

So, You Catch The Animal With The Traps, What’s Next?
You have to relocate the animal at least 15 miles away and release the animal.

How To Prevent The Wild Animals From Entering Your Home?

You have to secure your garbage cans, fencing your vegetables (gardening), lock-in secure your crawl space doors, repair your broken windows and screens, install a chimney caps, install a vent cover, install a weather seal for garage doors, blocking all the holes, keep the shed doors close, animal proof your porch, and deck. Install a window well cover. Do not leave the pet food out. Prune your trees and bushes. Cut your grass. Install a sensor lights on the exterior of your house. The bird feeders must be clean everyday. Also, the ground area where the bird feeder is at must be clean as well. The bird feeders must be at a distance from your home.


los angeles wildlife removal - raccoon removal los angeles ca
Raccoon – Animal Trapping Los Angeles

If you have raccoons in the attic? The first thing you should do is hire an animal removal Los Angeles CA to remove the raccoons in the attic. The animal expert will determine how many raccoons you have in your attic. The animal removal expert will either trap the raccoons or install a one-way tunnel on the entry points where the raccoons are entering. They will enter through the soffit, roof vent covers, open wall, or chimney. A lot of them they give 24 hour animal control Los Angeles.

Raccoons are nocturnal which they going out at night looking for food and they will return before dusk and they sleep during the day time. Raccoons are attracted to bird feeders and pet foods that are left outside.

While raccoons are nesting in your attic, they are also destroying your insulation, floor boards, with feces, urine, and nesting material.

Raccoons live in chimneys, attic, roof, craw spaces, garage, under decks, porch, and sheds. They produce in their litter 1 to 6 offspring. Raccoon mother are known to be cause major damage in attic if it is detached from their litter. Raccoons lives between 5 to 7 years average. Raccoons mate between January and February.

Raccoon droppings has many health factors due to the bacteria, germs, and diseases. Human and pets could be infected with roundworm if it contact with the raccoon droppings.

The Damages That Raccoons Can Cause

Raccoons tear up your ductwork, raccoons damaging your attic vents and raccoons contaminating insulation. Los Angeles wildlife removal knows the methods to remove and fix the damages that raccoons cause. A professional Los Angeles wildlife removal company know how to get rid of raccoons for good and seal up any entry points so that raccoons can not re-enter.

What Type Of Raccoon Trap To Use?

1.) We recommend Havahart Large 1-Door Animal Trap. Dimensions: 32” x 10” x 12”. It is a Galvanized Steel Material. It Weight 9.95 lb. You can purchase it at havahart.com. This trap is good for Raccoons but it is also good for Groundhogs, Opossums, Skunks, Armadillos, Cats, Muskrats.

2.) Havahart Large 2-Door Easy Set Trap. Dimensions: 36.63” x 12.63” x 14.63”. Best trap for Raccoons, Opossums, Cats, Armadillos, Groundhogs, Muskrats, And Nutria.

What Is The Best Bait To Catch A Raccoon?

Dry fish, beef jerkys, peanut butter, wet cat food, tuna fish, sardines, marshmallows, fruits and vegetables. By placing a heavy object on top of the trap, you could prevent your trap from moving due to wind or animal activity. It is highly recommended to wear glove when you are baiting your trap because raccoons are cautious of a human’s scent.

Why raccoons are entering my home?

Raccoons are entering your home for shelter and a place to reproduce.

Animal removal Los Angeles CA experts are knowledgeable about raccoon control methods to raccoon proof your home or help to get rid of raccoon that congregate on buildings in Los Angeles County Area.

Squirrel And Flying Squirrel

animal removal los angeles - squirrel removal los angeles ca
Squirrel – Animal Trapping Los Angeles

Animal removal Los Angeles CA. Squirrels produce two litters per year with an average of 3 to 5 offspring per litter. They could live between 2 to 5 years average. During sunrise and sunset, squirrels are usually searching for food.

Squirrels are opportunist animals which use an insulation, floor boards, pipe covers for nesting materials. With their constant gnawing, squirrels could destroy your wiring in the attic due to the chewing and gnawing. In some cases, squirrels cause fire due to constant chewing. A squirrel will leave their scent in the attic that will attract other squirrels to enter your attic.

The best way to remove a squirrel population is to use a squirrel exclusion. All holes in the yard or attic will need to be sealed. Hire a professional animal removal Los Angeles CA.

What Type Of Trap Should I Use For Squirrels?

One-Way Tunnel Exclusion: The one-way tunnel works like a charm. Once the squirrels exit through the one-way tunnel trap, they can not re-enter.

Once all the squirrels are out in the area, then remove the one-way tunnel and seal up all the entry points (holes) where the squirrels were entering.

One-way tunnel material is made of a strong galvanized steel material which an animal can not bend or break the trap. One-way tunnel exclusion is the best way to remove squirrels from your property.

We highly recommend “Havahart Medium 1-Door Easy Set Trap” Dimensions: 24” x 7” x 7” Best Used for: Squirrels, Skunks, And Rabbits. Click Here: http://www.havahart.com/medium-1-door-easy-set-trap

What Are The Best Baits For Squirrels?

Peanut Butter: The best bait to use for trapping squirrel is peanut butter. You could glue a small container with peanut butter on a piece of board inside the trap. The squirrel can not move the small container that is glued on the board inside the trap. The board has to be secured tightly inside the trap.

Other Baits To Use: Other baits that work good are bird seeds and marshmallows. Squirrels are attracted to bird seeds that is why you see squirrels always eating where the bird feeder is at in the yard. These type of baits are good to trap squirrels due to the smell from the bait. Always try to have a few baits to use. If you still having a problem with squirrel, change the bait and move the trap a few feet away.

If you still have a problem trapping with squirrels. Contact an expert Los Angeles wildlife removal to remove the squirrel humanely and effectively.

Animal Trapping Los Angeles – Where Are You Going To Place The Trap For Squirrels?

You can set up the trap where there is a lot of squirrel activity on your property.

Secure and mount your traps either on top of the roof, attic, chimney, near roof vents, near the dormers, near the soffit, along the fence post, crawlspace, shed, on top of the garage.

Mount and secure your trap by placing a heavy brick on top of the trap to prevent the wind and other animals from knocking the trap over when trapping the squirrels outdoors. You could trap squirrels all throughout the year, squirrels are trying to enter your home for shelter, to reproduce, or due to the weather.

The best solution of animal removal Los Angeles CA is contacting expert, they are skilled and equipped with the the essential tools and knowledge, Los Angeles wildlife removal provide safe removal of squirrel infestations.

What To Do When You Caught a Squirrel In Your Trap?

Relocate the squirrel at least 15 miles away and release it. Always wear gloves to avoid germs. And, have a towel with you in case you have to cover the trap due to the rain. And, always clean and sanitize your trap after every use.


animal removal los angeles ca - opossum removal los angeles
Opossum – Animal Trapping Los Angeles

Opossums are nocturnal, mainly active at night. Opossums will nest under porches, deck, crawl spaces, abandoned nests of other animals, burrows, rock cavities, tree hollows, wood piles, brush piles, trash heaps, inside of unused automobiles and even storage boxes in the attic. A shed is normally placed higher off the ground and is suitable for the opossums to nest. Between fall and winter time, opossums breed twice a year and give birth to up to 4 to 6 litters.

Why Do I Need To Get Rid Of Opossums?

Los Angeles wildlife removal. Opossum poop and urine are an health risks, it can be dangerous to human. The opossum poop is know to have a lot of bacteria and germs. Opossum carries a lot of tick, fleas, and other insects. The opossum tongue carries a lot of germs and bacteria. You should clean, sanitize and disinfect your attic after you remove all the opossums. The insulation could be contaminated with opossum poop, urine, vomit, and nesting material. The insulation has to be remove and replace and some of the floor boards. If you are using your attic for storage, the opossum will use your storage as a nesting site and you might have to dispose all your storage in the attic. This type of service is very costly and it has to be done right the first time. You have to use bio-hazard suits, foot wear, mask and gloves. All the insulation and debris must be bag and properly dispose.

Opossums are scavengers that steal pet food and make a mess of garbage.  Cats, dogs or other pets are distressed by their presence and can be seriously injured by a bite using their 50 very sharp teeth.

Opossums are carriers of diseases such as: Coccidiosis, Chagas Disease, Herpes virus, Rabies, Murine Typhus, Salmonella, Toxoplasmosis, Spotted fever, Tuberculosis, Trichomoniasis, Tularemia and Yellow fever. They are reservoirs for Leptospirosis, also known as hemorrhagic jaundice. Leptospirosis can be pass through the urine and feces of infected animals. Murine Typhus and Toxoplasmosis are the prevalent diseases seen in opossum Los Angeles County area.

How To Keep Opossums Away From Your Property?

You can use repellent or trap to keep opossums away from your property.

1.) One repellent that works is “Motion Activated Sprinkler System”. You can buy it online at Amazon or havahart.com. You can place it in the area in your garden or near your porch that will initiate every time the opossums come around the area. The device will spray and the opossum become aware not to go near it.

2.) Trapping – You could set traps to catch opossums in the area where you see them the most. You can bait it with dog food, dog biscuits, and sardines. If you are trapping the opossum from the attic, soffit, or fascia board, make sure that you block the holes once all the opossums are out. When you catch an opossum, release the opossum at least 15 miles away from your property.

Opossum Trapping Los Angeles – What Type Of Trap To Use For Opossum?

We highly recommend Havahart which is manufactured in U.S.A.
1.) “Havahart Large 1-Door Easy Set Trap”. Dimension: 32”x10’12”. Best Used For: Opossums, Skunks, Raccoons, Groundhogs, Armadillos, Cats, Muskrats, Nutria.

2.) “Havahart Large 2-Door Easy Set Trap”. Dimension: 36.63”x12.63×14.63. Best Used For: Opossums, Raccoons, Skunks, Groundhogs, Cats, Armadillos, Nutria, Muskrats.

Where Are You Going To Place The Traps For Opossum?

Opossum trapping Los Angeles. The right way to place the trap is near the hole on the ground where they are nesting. And, where you see the opossums activity such as near the chimney, inside the attic in the middle floor, in the middle of the shed, 5 to 10 feet inside the crawlspace, under the porch, deck, mounted and secure on top of the roof and garage. Monitor the weather when you set the traps outside due to the heat, cold, rain and snow.

Animal trapping Los Angeles is an essential that takes knowledge in setting opossum traps, and in some situation, needed to learn the opossums babies as well. So, It is important to call a Los Angeles wildlife removal company and have the opossum problem solved by an expert in trapping opossums.

What Are The Best Baits For Opossum?

The best bait for opossum is tuna fish, canned pet food, sardines, boiled eggs, and apples. Make sure to place the food bait securely inside the trap, the opossum will trigger the mechanism and get caught. Always set your trap with the bait when the opossums are active during the night time.


animal removal los angeles ca - skunk removal los angeles
Skunk – Animal Trapping Los Angles

A variety of skunk problems can occur when they decide to nest within a residential or commercial structure. The most obvious problem is their incredibly noxious smell. If sprayed onto buildings or surfaces, the odor can remain for weeks or even months in high enough concentrations. Skunks can spray their scent up to 15 to 20 feet away. Skunks will dig up lawns and gardens to find food. Skunk live between 5 to 10 years. Skunks are nocturnal and will venture out to forage most evenings. Skunk burrows can cause structural damage and weakness in porches, decks, sheds and foundations. Skunks are known to carry rabies and have the appearance of not being infected.

How do I know if I have skunks underneath my home or building? More often than not, you will have smelled them. But in some cases, the smell is not immediately apparent in which case you should look for digging and damage to your lawn and garden. You can also locate their footprints nearby.
How To Eliminate a Skunk From Your Home? The best solution is using a humane, live skunk trap. Bait a trap with peanut butter, jelly or marshmallows, sardines, and tuna fish.

Skunks are know to discharge a foul smell. In some situation, the smell will last for weeks if you get in contact with their spray. It causes serious irritation to the body and face. Contact a Los Angeles wildlife removal experts for skunk removal, as professional skunk removal Los Angeles County experts has the knowledge and expertise to resolve your skunk problem the right way.

What Kind Of Trap Do You Need For Skunk?

Here are the best trap to use for skunk:

1.) Havahart Medium 1-Door Easy Set Trap. Dimensions: 24” x 7” x 7”. Best used for: Skunks, Rabbits, Squirrels.

2.) Havahart Medium 2-Door Easy Set Trap. Dimensions: 25” x 7” x 7.25”. Best used for: Skunk, Squirrels, Rabbits

What Kind Of Bait Do You Need For Skunk?

Skunks are scavengers that are know to eat anything. The best baits to use is fruits, vegetables, dog food, cat food, dried fish, beef jerky, chicken, peanut butter, sardine, and tuna fish.

Where Are You Going To Place The Trap For Skunk?

Place your trap for skunk near their den, near the garbage cans, underneath the deck, porch, in the exterior of the shed, near hollow trees, near tree stump, or nearby window well where you always see the skunk activity. If you know the area where the skunk is at, place the skunk trap 3 to 5 feet away. Place your trap on a flat surface.

Place the trap during the sunset to catch the skunk. They are nocturnal animal and they are always looking for food at night time. If you do not catch a skunk the next day, remove the trap because you do not want to trap other animals. And, repeat this process until you catch the skunk. Make sure to check your traps daily.

If you still have a skunk problem, contact an expert for animal removal Los Angeles CA to remove the skunk humanely and effectively.

What To Do When You Caught a Skunk In The Trap?

Once you catch a skunk, you must carefully put a towel or blanket over the trap to keep the skunk in the dark and make them feel safe. Make your presence known quietly to the skunk for you do not scare the skunk and make them uneasy. You could also put the trap inside a large container or garbage can in case the skunk release their foul spray inside your car or at the back of your vehicle. Relocate and release the skunk at least 15 miles away from your property.

Bat Removal Los Angeles

animal removal los angeles ca - bat removal los angeles
Bat – Animal Trapping Los Angeles

When a home or building has bats in the attic or walls, the animal removal Los Angeles CA expert will remove all the bats unharmed, while we seal the rest of the structure to prevent future bat entry.

Bats can enter any small holes in your property such as near the pipes, fascia boards, soffit, vents, roof eaves, holes around your doors and windows, and cracks in chimneys.

How To Remove Bats On Your Property?

Bat Exclusion is the right way to eliminate bats. What you must do first is a thorough inspection to find where the bats are entering and the compromise area. Install a one-way tunnel for the bats could exit and not to re-enter your home. You also have to block all the holes (entry points) such as the attic vents, roof vents, install chimney caps to block them from entering. Any pipes that has holes need to be block. Flashing by the chimney where the bats are entering.

What Are The Type Of Bat Exclusion Devices To Use?

1/4 inch poly netting – is a good netting to prevent bats from getting hurt or dying in a removal process that allows the bats to exit but not to re-enter. The bats must have a clear passage in order for them to exit through the netting. You must make an exit hole with the netting in order for the bats to exit. The netting must be secure on the area where the bats are at.

Batcones – A batcone lets a bat out of a building, but is designed in a way that they can not get back in to re-enter. It is important that all other exit points are sealed and that the Batcones are the only exit of the structure. It is so easy to install, you can use fasteners or tape to install the batcones. It is important that the Batcone covers the exit points or holes completely. Make sure that the points is at downward angle when installing the batcones. If the opening is bigger than the Batcone, use mesh base flanges to cover the hole. Once all the bats have exited, remove each Batcone and seal up the holes.

Copper Mesh – Copper mesh is another inexpensive material that you could use for small gaps and holes around your house for bat proof. You are going to need pliers such as cable cutter or shear cutter to cut the copper mesh.

Funnels – You can use any type of funnels that are small enough for bat to exit. You could use a 1/4×1/4 galvanized steel gauge to make a funnel or you could purchase a funnel online for bats.

Los Angeles Wildlife Removal Expert Tips: A good inspection will determine all the entry points where the bats are entering. Chances are you have bats in your attic or in your property is because the bats are roosting or you have a lot of insects in that area. Once you determine where the entry points are at, install a one-way tunnel in that area. The bats will leave during at night time searching for food. Also, you have to remove all the one-way tunnel that you have install once all the bats are remove. Once, all of the bats are out from your property, you could start sealing up the entry holes with 1/4×1/4 galvanized steel gauge or copper mesh.

All holes near the exterior pipes and near the flashing by the chimney must be seal and close. Always monitor the bat activity at night to make sure there is no more bats. You must make sure that there is no more live bats inside your attic or property.

Being around with bats are dangerous to your health. Bats are suspected of having rabies. By contacting your local 24 hour animal control Los Angeles CA experts to manage the procedure is the best solution for bats removal to ensure safety. The certified Los Angeles wildlife removal professionals will identify the hole (entry points) where the bats are entering and will give you recommendations to eliminate the bats permanently.

Bat Poop (Bat Guano) Cleanup and Sanitizing – What Makes It Important?

When you have had a bat problem, chances are you will need professional bat droppings clean up Los Angeles County Area. Bat droppings carry disease and, if left alone, can harm you. If you try to remove the droppings yourself, particles may go airborne and cause an even bigger issue. You want limit the spread of disease as much as possible. To do this, you have to have a professional. Professionals can take care of not only bat droppings, but also droppings from raccoons, squirrels, birds, rats, and mice. Using the appropriate equipment, products, and methods, the experts can keep your property clean and free of health hazards as much as possible.

Removing bats is a serious concern. When you have bats on your property, you are going to want to hire a specialist immediately to remove them before they bite anyone, cause damage, or spread disease. It is imperative that you work quickly, too. A major reason for this is so that you can limit the amount droppings they leave behind. You may not realize it, but these droppings are as dangerous as the bats themselves. If you want to keep your property safe and if you want to keep your health in top condition, you are going to need to remove the bats as well as the droppings.

Bat droppings do put your health at risk. They can spread disease easily through even minor exposure. If you were to attempt to clean it up on your own, there is a high chance these droppings could make you ill. If you left them alone around your property, there is still a chance of the droppings making you ill. In your attic, as an example, the droppings could start to affect the air you breathe. Over time, this will put you in danger. You need to remove the problem immediately by using professional services dedicated to the removal of such droppings.

Biohazard Cleanup – No Danger When You Use the Professionals

Professional bat droppings cleanup Los Angels CA will, of course, clean up the droppings. Professionals have the ability to remove the droppings without putting your health in danger. This is thanks to their expertise and specialized products that are right for the job. With green products in use, the job will not leave any lasting concerns. After the clean up, you will not have to worry about your property or your health when it comes to bat droppings. Nothing will remain of the droppings so there is no reason to fret.

Along with removal, there is also sanitization. Sanitization plays a key role in bat droppings clean up Los Angeles CA. When you want to make sure that all bacteria, germs, and other dangers associated with animal feces are gone, you need to sanitize the area. Using green products made specifically for this work, professionals can sanitize the location and deodorize it. This will allow you to start using it once again without any difficulties or worries. It is safe for human use completely. In your home, it will allow you to use all spaces fully without worries about pets or children.

Nothing compares to the quality of a professional. When you find that there are bat droppings on your property, the professional can help you in some amazing ways. All of the services mentioned above come from an expert who can handle all aspects of the job. Their knowledge and experience give them a unique ability here. This is what they do for a living, after all, so they know it. They can provide you with the cleaner space that you expect without having to put you or anyone else in harm’s way.

Animal removal Los Angeles CA professional is highly needed when it comes to the removal of bat droppings. Safe removal of bat droppings involves the use of gloves and mask to avoid in getting contact with the bat droppings. The right way to ensure safe and complete removal is to hire a professional Los Angeles wildlife removal specialists to remove the bats droppings.

Birds Removal

los angles wildlife removal - bird removal los angeles
Birds Removal Los Angeles

The three most common birds in Los Angeles CA are house sparrows, pigeons, and starlings. Bird removal and bird proofing is not an easy tasks. You must have a lot experience in removing these birds and proofing where the birds are nesting. Birds carries a lot of parasites such as bird mites that will affect you in the future if the birds are not remove. If you have a bird nest on your window, air condition unit, on the trees, fence post, on the exterior lights, etc. you must remove the birds nest due to the germs, bacteria, and bird mites from the birds nest.

Woodpeckers are known to destroy your property by pecking in to the exterior of the structure of your home. In some cases, you might have insects in your property that is why the woodpeckers are pecking on your home for the food source. A woodpecker will peck on your home everyday. You will hear the noise of the woodpeckers everyday.

Having birds in your property are sometimes important because they eat a lot of insects but they also carry a lot of bacteria and virus.

Why It Is Important To Remove Birds In Your Property?

1.) The birds will destroy and contaminate your garden.
2.) Birds nesting on your property could increase the activity and more birds in your property.
3.) You will have an unhealthy problems such as bird poop, diseases, bacteria, viruses, bad smell, bird poop stain, vomit and waste in the nesting material. And, bird feathers all around the property.

4.) More animals that are attracted to the birds.

The best bird control is to bird proof your home or property. Animal removal Los Angeles CA experts has a lot of experience with bird proofing and bird exclusion. An animal expert could remove the birds in humanely way without hurting the birds with netting, bird spikes, bird repellent, and using 1/4×1/4 galvanized steel material. A lot of these animal removal companies, they provide 24 hour animal control Los Angeles.

How To Get Rid Of Birds On Your Property?

1.) Bird Repellents – You could use bird repellent such as “JT Eaton 4 The BirdsLiquid Repellent” and JT Eaton 4 The Birds Transparent Sticky Product that the birds do not like to touch. You must wear gloves and long sleeve when using these products. You could use either of these products. It is the best solution to keep the birds from roosting and landing on your property and these products are non-toxic.

You could also use bird repellent granular around your garden, shrubs, lawn, flower bed, and on grass.

2.) Bird Spikes – You could install bird spikes where you see a lot of bird activity in the area such as roof, window sills, rafters, dormer eaves, chimney, vent, soffit, under porch roof, between house and chimney, and roof vent. Bird spikes can make frighten and feeling unease for birds which keep them from roosting and landing on those areas.

3.) Bird Netting – A good type of netting to use is either plastic or nylon netting to prevent birds from entering your home or property and also to safeguard the crops in your garden.

Rodents – Rats And Mice

animal removal los angeles ca - rats and mice removal los angelesRats and mice can create a lot of damage to residential and commercial buildings through their constant gnawing, nesting in the building, and by discharging feces and urine .

Rats and mice are know to carry a lot of disease, germs, virus, fleas, ticks, also mice are know to contaminate the area where they at with their droppings and urine, vomit, nesting material. Rats and mice will use anything to make a nest such as sneakers, clothing, newspaper, bags, sheets, blankets, etc.. in the attic, crawlspace, basement, wall voids, mice and rats will nest in these areas. The mice will chew through the wires, flooring, duct tubing, they will also stored their food in these areas. They also gnaw in just about any household items. Also, they will destroy and contaminate your food on the pantry, on top of the tables, on the counter and stove. Rodents are know to climb on top of the refrigerator for any food that are stored on top of the refrigerator. Mice are know to go inside the toaster for the breadcrumbs. Also, inside the stove where the food particles. You might see mice behind the refrigerator for the water that drips from the refrigerator and also for heat. Behind the dishwasher, you could have mice and rats nesting behind there. Underneath the kitchen cabinets, you will have rats and mice there too. In the basement, you will have rats and mice near the furnace, on the dropped ceilings, on the sill plate, near the sump pump, behind the washer and dryer machines. In the crawlspace, you will have mice nesting in the insulation and they hollow a den in the crawlspace floor. Mice and rats are known to travel between the floors and walls to move from one floor to another. Rats and mice are known to be near the radiator for heat.

How To Eliminate Rats and Mice In My House?

1.) The best way to eliminate rats and mice in your house is with a good inspection of the property to know what you up against.
2.) Find all the entry points (holes).
3.) Close all entry holes with 1/4×1/4 galvanized steel.
4.) Set up traps in the areas where you see a lot of rodent activity.
5.) Remove the dead rodents from your traps and dispose it.
6.) Always wear gloves and mask when you are placing the rodent traps because rodents are wary about the human scent.

Rodent proofing and rodent exclusion is one of the important service that is needed if you have rodents in the house. By blocking all the holes and entry points, installing the weather seal on all doors including garage, this will help you to stop the path where the rodents are entering. Also, check your vents to make sure that the rodents are not entering this area.

Also, screen in your windows, window well guards and garbage can must have a cover. Bird seeds and grass seeds must be stored in a seal container to prevent the rodents from feeding on these seeds. If you have hay in the garage or shed, rodents are known to nest in the hay.

You could detect mice in your house before you detect rats. Rats are known to be very shy animal, were mice are known to move around a lot.

Rats are known to enter through the toilet, sump pump, and any open plumbing area. If there is no water running, the rats could go through this area.

Most local hardware stores carry mouse traps, glue boards, cages, and other products for all type of rodents.

Animal trapping Los Angeles for rodents. There are many ways to trap the rodents, one way is catch and hold traps. You catch the rodents and release it. Snap traps where you put the food bait in the middle of the trap. The snap trap will kill the rodent. Glue boards where the rodents get stuck on the adhesive sticky glue and the rodent will die on the sticky glue. Once you catch the rodents on the glue boards, you must dispose it. Electronic rodent traps which will kill the rodent once they enter the trap which they get zap. Some of these traps can hold up to 100 mice. You need batteries for the electronic rodent traps. Some traps need cleaning after every use.

Setting up any rodent traps is a dirty job and it must be done right. You must always wear glove when setting up the traps and you must monitor the traps and dispose all the dead rodents.

Snake Removal Los Angeles

los angeles wildlife removal - snake removal los angeles
Snake Removal Los Angeles
Los Angeles California has a lot of different type of snakes such as rat snakes, garter snakes, rattlers, and copperhead which are venomous. If you live in an area where there is a lot of snakes, you must snake proof your property. Chances are you will have snakes on your property.

Los Angeles Wild Animal Control Tips: One of the best solution to eliminate snake from your property is to maintain your yard, cleanup the debris, remove the unused tires, cut your grass regularly, prune your trees. Sealing up any holes with 1/4×1/4 galvanized steel material. A lot of snakes will slither through your side doors and garage doors. So, it is very important to install a weather seal on every doors you have to prevent the snakes from entering. Also, if you have a pond, brook, or lake on or near your property, you will have snakes. You could also install a snake proof fencing to keep the snake away. You could proof your fence with 1/4×1/4 galvanized steel material. And, make sure to remove any food source such as having a regular pest control maintenance of your property. Also, always check your children’s play area in case you have snakes hiding in the swing sets.

Where Do The Snake Hide and Live?

Under the rocks, stones, hollow trees, around the tree branch, on the leaves, retaining walls, near the garbage can, near the fence, inside and under the shed, porch, deck, crawl spaces, window well, basement, inside the garage, near the grill, near the firewood, and children’s play area. Snakes could slither through any opening near the pipe lines, vents, open windows, open doors, and open crawlspace doors. It is very important to seal up any gap on your foundation to keep the snakes from entering.

Professional animal removal Los Angeles CA specialize in removal of snake in the house, yard, rattlesnake in the house, snake control and how to prevent snake from coming into your property a lot of these animal removal companies they provide 24 hour animal control Los Angeles County area.

There are more than 30 snake species in California. Some of the more dangerous venomous snakes include the Red Diamond Rattlesnake, Mojave Desert Sidewinder, Mojave Rattlesnake, Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Panamint Rattlesnake, Northern Pacific Rattlesnake, and Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake, are among a few of the dangerous snakes in the State of California.

If come across a snake in your home. The first thing you should do is to make sure that your kids and pets are not near the snake. Move away from the snake and call a Los Angeles wildlife removal expert for they could remove the snake from your property. If you encounter a snake bite, you have to call a medical assistant. Northern Pacific Rattlesnake is one of the most dangerous poisonous snake in Los Angeles CA. It is known to camouflage the grass, trees, and the landscape of your property.

How do I get Rid of Snakes In My Home?

The best way on how to get rid of snakes in Los Angeles CA is to hire a snake expert to inspect your property to make sure you do not have snakes. Also, to give you a recommendation and preventive tips about snakes. Hire a Los Angeles wildlife removal company to do a preventive treatment against insects and rodents is highly recommended to remove the food sources from the snakes.

What Are Good Traps You Can Use To Catch Snakes?

You could use many types of snake traps depending on the size of the snake. We recommend Tomahawk Live Trap Snake With Extension Wings. These trap will catch a lot of snake and you could easily release the snake. You could also use glue adhesive trap inside the trap to catch the snake.

The best glue trap to use is Jarrod’s snake trap. These glue trap is made for all type of snakes such as non-venomous and venomous snakes. This snake glue trap could be use in the interior and exterior of your house or building and it is not affected due to the weather.

You could spray any type of cooking oil on the snake glue board to loosen the snake humanely off the glue board. The snake will slither away when it’s loosen. You have to be careful where you place the snake glue boards because you do not want to harm a small animal such as skunk, squirrel, chipmunk or opossum, on the glue board. Always remember that you are trying to catch snakes not other small animals. You should always have ethics when dealing with wild animals. Whenever you are in doubt about catching snakes, call an animal removal Los Angeles CA snake expert, leave it to the professional to take care the snake problem you have on your property. Some of these companies they serve 24 hour animal control Los Angeles.


animal removal los angeles - groundhog removal los angeles ca
Groundhog Removal Los Angeles
One of the best method to keep groundhog, mole, voles, chipmunks, woodchucks, and gophers off of your property is to animal proof your shed, porch, and deck with galvanize steel material (mesh). To do an animal exclusion in these areas, you must dig at least 2 feet down and install the galvanized steel mesh in the perimeter of the foundation to keep and prevent the wild animals from digging in these areas. Also, try to install on the bottom of these areas that you are digging a one-way-tunnel where the wild animals could exit but not entering back in. These type animals are known to burrow and live underneath the ground. If have groundhogs and other animals nesting underneath your home, it could cause damage to the foundation of your home.

Groundhogs are very protective with their burrow and if approach, they might attack. Groundhogs are know to have germs, bacteria, fleas, and ticks. They are known to carry rabies. Groundhog are known to destroy your land through burrowing underneath the ground. Sometimes your grass does not grow due to the damage cause by groundhog. They are mainly active from spring time to fall during the daytime, looking for food, nesting, and hibernating under the ground.

How To Remove A Groundhog?

The best way to remove a groundhog from your property is to trap them with their food source such as lettuce, carrots, celery, peas or cucumbers. Place the trap 6 feet to 12 feet away from the burrow. Always put the food bait in the center of the trap to set off the mechanism in the trap.

Groundhog are known to destroy yards, food gardens, flower plants, etc. Once you notice a groundhog activity on your property, you could always contact a Los Angeles wildlife removal experts to help you remove the groundhog humanely from your property, some of them they serve 24 hour animal control Los Angeles area.

What Is The Best Way To Trap A Groundhog?

We recommend Havahart Live Trap. Made in U.S.A., Use either 1 or 2-door design:

1.) Havahart Large 1-Door Animal Trap. Dimensions: 32” x 10” x 12”. Best used for: Groundhog, Skunk, Raccoon, Opossum, Armadillos, Muskrats, Cats

2.) Havahart X-Large 2-Door Trap. Dimensions: 42” x 11” x 13”. Constructed with Sturdy, Rust-Resistant Galvanized Steel. Best used for: Groundhog, Opossum, Raccoon, Bobcats, Armadillos, Cats, Nutria,

Where Are You Going To Place The Trap For Groundhog?

1.) Groundhogs are always close to their burrows. Set up your traps 6 to 12 feet away near their burrows. This could determine that you have groundhog on your property.

2.) Put your groundhog traps on a flat surface to prevent the trap from moving when the groundhog enter inside the trap.

3.) Once you inspect your yard, you will be able to determine where the groundhog burrows are at. If you can not find the burrow, set up the trap near the groundhog where the area is damage or the area where you see the groundhogs activity.

Groundhogs are very shy wild animals. They will not enter a steel galvanized trap, unless you camouflage the trap with hays, branches, leaves, twigs, and grass.

Animal trapping Los Angeles. To make sure the humane and safety removal of groundhog, you should contact a professional animal removal Los Angeles, they know all about groundhog removal and prevention. These certified Los Angeles wildlife removal specialists can solved of the groundhog problems safely and professionally.

What Is The Best Bait To Trap a Groundhog?

The best bait to trap a groundhog is cantaloupe, lettuce, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers or celery. Groundhogs are known to eat all type of green vegetables and sweet fruits. Always wear gloves when you bait the traps with food or you carrying the traps to keep human scent away from the trap.

Fox Removal

Fox are known predators that attack and eat all types of small animals such as chickens, ducks, chipmunks, squirrels, opossum, skunks, rabbits, baby raccoons, birds, frogs, turtles, small dogs, cats, snakes, and other small prey. Fox are know to be scavengers that eat just about anything. Foxes are an opportunist animal that is always looking for food.

Foxes are known to carry rabies. They are shy animal that very rarely attack a human, unless provoke or scared. Usually foxes hibernate underneath the deck, porch, shed, crawlspaces, window wells, hollow trees, and near the wood fire. They are known to destroy your vegetable gardens. Foxes usually have a few dens and they are know to use abandon den from other wild animals. Foxes are known to protect their litter, they will get very aggressive if approach.

How Remove Fox From Your Property?

Remove the pet food from outside. Seal up any holes in your property. Make sure you have a good crawlspace door and make sure the door is always close. Animal proof your under your shed, deck, and porch. And, install a fence or netting in your garden. In case of emergency animal removal, look for a company that serve 24 hour animal control Los Angeles area.

What Is The Best Way To Trap a Fox?

animal removal los angeles ca - fox removal los angeles
Fox Removal Los Angeles
Animal trapping Los Angeles. One way to trap a fox is to set up a continuation of food source. Set the trap near their den with food bait every night without setting up the mechanism to catch the fox. This method is to let the fox get comfortable in that environment and 5 days later you set up the mechanism to trap the fox. Always try to have leaves, branches, and twigs around the trap to make the fox feel as comfortable as possible. You could set up a one-way door trap with the food bait towards the end of the trap.

The best trap to use to catch a fox is Havahart X-Large 1-Door Trap. Dimensions: 42” x 15” x 15”. Made in U.S.A., Best used for: Foxes, Beavers, Armadillos, Cats, Dogs, and Bobcats.

The best bait to trap a fox is tuna fish, sardines, fish, cat food, dog food, and beef jerky. Place some of the bait outside the trap a few feet away. Also, bait the inside of the trap. Always wear gloves when setting up the traps and food bait to keep human scent away from the trap and food bait.

Steel-jaw traps, conibear traps, leg hold traps, and snares are inhumane. Do not use these traps, you will kill the fox and other wild animals and some States do not allow these type of animal traps. These bone-crushing traps will cause injury and death to all types of wild animals.

Experts In Fox Removal Los Angeles CA

The days of trapping animals with inhumane traps are starting to become a thing of the past. Congress is trying to banned the inhumane method of trapping. There is a better way of trapping without hurting the animal by calling a knowledgeable, experience, and expert in animal trapping Los Angeles CA. They offer 24 hour animal control Los Angeles County area.


animal removal los angeles ca - deer removal los angeles
Deer Removal Los Angeles
The landscape of your property could be a food source for deers, such as your vegetable gardens, your plants, flowers, trees, fruit trees, grass, and bushes. If you have deers in your property it is because they are searching for food and they are comfortable in your property.

Deers are known to carry ticks, fleas, and other insects. You and your pets could get in contact with Lyme disease from ticks. Deers are known to cause many vehicle accident. Male deers are known to damage trees due to rubbing their antlers on the trees.

If You have a lot of deers on your property and you try many methods that does not work, always contact a wildlife removal Los Angeles CA specialist that have all the tools and experience in dealing with deers and other type of wild animals in Los Angeles County Area.

How To Prevent Deer From Entering Your Yard?

You could use a high fence around your property to keep deers away. You must contact your local municipal in regards to the height of the fence that is allowed. Another way to keep the deer away from your property is to use deer repellent. Some deer repellent has 2 to 3 months lasting effect. You could also use a netting over your vegetable garden, flowers, plants, and fruit trees. Always re-apply a deer repellent after it rains. The best repellents to use are Havahart Deer Off Waterproof Deer Repellent Stations, Havahart Granular Repellent, or the Havahart Electronic Deer Repellent. Always put a deer repellent barrier around the plants, flowers, vegetable garden, and fruit trees.


animal removal los angeles ca - coyote removal los angeles
Coyote are very smart wild animal that prey on other animals such as chicken, goat, sheep, calves, cat, dogs, raccoon, opossum, skunk, squirrel, groundhog, chipmunk, moles, voles, rabbit, snake, duck, geese, turtle, and frogs. Coyote have a good sense of smell that could detect other animals a few miles away.

Coyote are known to weigh up to 30 to 45 pounds. Coyotes are known to camouflage themselves with the trees, grass, and bushes. They are expert hunters that sometimes travels in pack in order to catch their prey. The coyotes makes noise by howling at night.

How To Control Coyotes From Entering Your Property?

By installing high fence on your property such as electric fences, wrought iron fence, wood fence, or chain link you could keep the coyote away from your property. Also, securing the crawlspace door, basement door, shed door, and garage doors. And, animal proof your under deck, porch, shed, and garage. Trim your bushes and hedges. Coyotes are known to hide in the bushes and hedges waiting for a prey. It is common for coyotes to have a den underneath the porch, deck, and shed.

If you see a lot of coyotes on your property every night, it is a sign that you have a coyote problem, you must call a animal trapping Los Angeles experts to either trap the coyote for you or give you recommendations what to do.

Coyotes are known to be searching for food during the night time. They are also a known carrier of rabies. That is why you have to keep your distance from the coyotes and call an animal expert. Coyotes carries fleas, ticks, and other parasites. If you are bitten by a coyote, you must go to the hospital near you for medical attention.

What Is A Good Trap For Coyotes?

The “Tomahawk Original Series Rigid Trap” is very good to use for trapping coyotes. It is constructed from 12-gauge galvanized wire mesh. Very durable, and reliable.

Scratching Noises In Your Attic?

It means you have an animal in the attic such as squirrel, raccoon, opossum, rats, mice, and birds. If you hear loud noise in your attic at night time, chances are you have a raccoon in your attic. Also, you might have rats. If you hear noise during the day time chances are you have squirrels or birds. If you are not sure what type of animal do you have, you can always call Los Angeles wildlife removal company to do an inspection, a lot of these companies they provide a free inspection and free estimate and they also provide 24 hour animal control los Angeles.

How To Get Wild Animals Out Of Your Attic?

You could use traps with baits, repellents, and one-way tunnel for the animal could exit but can not enter back in. In order to eliminate the animal for good, hire an animal trapping Los Angeles experts.

Can An Opossum Get In Your Attic?

Yes. An opossum could get in your attic and also on top of the roof. A lot of the animal removal company, they provide 24 hour animal control Los Angeles area.

Do You Hear Scratching Noise In Your Walls?

It could be mice or rats nesting in your wall voids.

Do You Hear Noise In The Vent?

Chances are it could be bird or squirrel that got stuck in the vent.

What Are The Most Common Animal In The Chimney?

The common animals in the chimney are birds, bats, squirrels, opossum, and raccoon. Animals are known to destroy the flue lining of the inside the chimney wall.

Digging Lawn or Under House?

You could have groundhog, moles, voles, gophers, chipmunks, skunks, and squirrels. Call an animal trapping Los Angeles expert to trap the animal.

Why Are Wild Animals Entering Your Home?

For shelter, reproduction stage and for their food source.

Do All Wild Animals Carry Rabies?

No, not all wild animals carry rabies. In some cases just a few animals carry rabies.

What Health Risks Do Animals Pose?

Animals could have rabies, germs, bacteria, viruses, parasites, mites, fleas, ticks, and your could get sick from the animal’s feces and urine.

Do the homeowner insurance covers the cost?

It depend on your home insurance coverage. You should contact your home insurance to see if you are cover for animal damage.

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