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Dead deer pose a serious threat to the health of you and your family. Rather than attempting to rid yourself of the carcass of a dead deer that has been on your property for a short time, hiring a dead deer removal Mendham NJ service will allow you to avoid the possibility of contracting one of the many different types of diseases that can be carried by dead deer. One of the largest scares that is currently plaguing the country is Lyme Disease which is carried by a deer tick.

Many times, if you have a dead deer on your property, there will be multiple deer ticks on the body of the deer, and simply removing the body does not ensure that you are protected from catching this disease. Getting anywhere close to the dead deer or attempting to move the body yourself is gambling with your own life. Instead of putting yourself in harm’s way, give us a call.

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Dead Deer Removal Mendham NJ Professionals

We are a professional dead deer removal Mendham NJ that is available to remove all types of dead animals from your property. We will first remove the body of the deer, along with any parts that may have come unattached from the main part of the body. Once we have removed all of the dead deer, we will completely disinfect the area that the dead deer was in, in order to kill any lice, ticks or other bacteria that are left over from the body of the dead animal.

dead deer carcass removal mendham nj - disposal of dead deer carcass in mendham new jersey
Dead Deer Removal Mendham NJ

We will then sanitize the area in order to make sure that no disease is left for your family or your animals to catch, and we will completely destroy the odor for you. Any odor that is remaining after the body of the animal is gone will attract more animals to the site, including your animals, so it is incredibly important that this step is completed in order to ensure that this problem will not simply re-surface once again.

Next time you have a dead deer on your property; don’t put yourself or your family in harm’s way. Call us instead, and allow our professional, expert staff completes the job for you. Our friendly staff are available to speak with you and answer any and all question you may have about our service, or our disposal methods.

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