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You take pride in your house and yard. You enjoy raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter, and planting new plants in the spring. You take delight in watching your children and pets have so much fun in the yard. You look forward to doing maintenance on your house and yard. You are not so faint of heart that the sight of a dead opossum or raccoon in your yard sends you into a panic; you just take shovel and shovel it into a garbage bag, and then life goes on.

Dead Animals on your Property are a Health Hazard

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Of course, dead animal removal Monsey NY isn’t always so simple. When it’s just a newly dead raccoon, opossum, or groundhog in the yard or your cat’s hunting trophies on the doorstep, it is simple enough to remove dead animals. But what happens when an animal dies under your porch or deck or in your garage, shed or attic, and you don’t find it until has started to decompose? What if it is a large animal, such as a deer, that is too big for you to remove? Worse yet, what happens if mice and rats die in the crawlspace or inside the walls or your house, and you don’t even know it until the smell gets bad?

Experts in Dead Animal Removal Monsey, NY

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We are the most reliable experts in dead animal removal Monsey, NY. We can remove any dead animal, no matter how big or how small and no matter how long it has been dead. We have the necessary safety equipment to keep the germs from the carcass from spreading around. We will remove not only the carcass but also all of the maggots, mold, worms, and fleas that may have accumulated on the carcass. We understand that, in addition to not wanting maggots and dead rats and birds in your house, you may worry about the harsh chemicals needed for cleanup after removing a carcass. We assure you that all of the cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly and not hazardous to your health. We will remove the smell of the infestation but will not leave a strong smell of cleaning products; we will thoroughly deodorize the area. Whether it is as small as a mouse or as big as a deer, you can always count on us for dead animal removal Monsey, NY.

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