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Death happens every day and is part of the circle of life. However, it is not appreciated if inside your home or around your house. Dead animal removal Mount Laurel NJ. Professionals are extremely important if you’ve come across a dead animal in your home or on your property. An animal could die on your driveway, in your yard, on top of your home, inside of a crawl space, or even in your attic or inside the walls. Some of these areas are easier to reach but that doesn’t mean you should try and remove the dead animal by yourself. If you find an animal inside your home or outside, stay back and call a professional. The animal needs to be examined for any signs of disease or illness and the property around it must be checked for contamination. You need a professional for dead animal pick up Mount Laurel NJ. We will remove a dead animal from your yard, under your home, under your porch or deck, in your crawl space, in the attic, from the pool, from your garage, basically, if there’s a dead animal, we’ll remove it for you!

Dead Animal Removal Mount Laurel NJ – You Are at Risk If You Try to Remove the Dead Animal Yourself

mount laurel nj dead animal deer carcass removal

As stated above, there are quite a few health risks involved with animal carcass removal in Mount Laurel NJ., that you should be aware of. Here are just a few of the health risks you could be putting yourself through or your family if you try dead animal removal Burlington County NJ., by yourself:

1.) A dead animal will attract other animals to the location. When an animal dies, it is a fact that other animals will come to check out the scene. Whether that is your pets or wildlife, neither kind should be around the deceased animal. Your dog or cat could easily catch a disease if the animal died of an illness or could pick up pests. If a wild animal shows up, it could be a danger to you and your family depending on the size. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge of how to best remove a carcass to avoid any of these dangers.

2.) The area around the animal carcass could be contaminated. If you do not have the proper protection, you could easily pick up a disease or some kind of pest, which you would track back into your home or around your property. Our professional dead animal removal Mount Laurel NJ., staff have the protection needed to ensure they will not pick up any illnesses from the area or the dead animal itself.

3.) You will not remove all the contaminants by yourself because you don’t have the experience or correct tools. We use green chemicals to clean the area where the dead animal was so it will be safe for both you and your family after the animal is removed. We spray for any kind of pests which might be looking for a new home now that their host is dead, such as fleas, ticks, flies, and other pests. We also remove the smell, remove any juices that may have spilled while the animal was decomposing (we know you don’t want to have to deal with that!), and remove the residual germs and bacteria.

4.) Disease can affect both humans and animals. If an animal has died of some kind of trauma, it may or may not pose much of a health risk, but you cannot always tell what an animal has died of. If it died because of a disease and another animal eats the corpse, there is a good chance that the animal will pick up the disease too and could potentially die for the same reasons as the first animal. The best example of this cycle is rabies. The rabies virus will typically die within a few hours after the host has died when in warm weather but can remain alive for months if it is cold outside. If another animal had an open wound or ate the carcass of the dead diseased animal, it would become infected as well. Of course, rabies is not the only health risk so you must be careful with both yourself, your children, and your pets if there is a dead animal.

5.) If it is obvious that an animal has died of some trauma, you might be quick to think it does not pose a health risk. While it does pose less of a health risk, it still carries its own dangers. Especially if an animal dies on a water supply, bacteria will quickly spread to the water and you could become extremely sick. An animal could be sick even though it died from trauma, so it is never safe to assume anything if you come upon a dead animal.

6.) Dead animals can also be dangerous for other reasons than the disease. They can be potential hazards like if an animal died on the road, someone could swerve and others could potentially be hurt because of this. A dead animal can cause quite a few potential health risks other than the most obvious dangers. The best option is to call a dead animal to pick up Mount Laurel NJ., a professional to remove the animal immediately. Don’t look at something and decide it’s not your problem as a dead animal could cause quite a bit of harm to other people and animals whether it is in your yard or in your home.

Types of Dead Animals We Remove dead animal in Mount Laurel NJ
Our professionals are trained to perform dead animal pick up Mount Laurel NJ., for many different kinds of dead animals. We remove dead animals such as:

  • Deer
  • Raccoon
  • Opossum
  • Skunks
  • Foxes
  • Rabbit
  • Squirrel
  • Small rodents
  • Geese
  • Groundhog
  • Ducks
  • Stray Cat
  • Stray Dog

Dead Animal Removal Mount Laurel NJ – Why Should a Dead Animal Be Removed by a Professional?

If you do nothing about a dead animal on your property, it will begin to decay. This means there will be maggots and a smell of death will be overpowering, which will draw vermin and disease to the location. This is especially terrible if the animal is inside your home or in an enclosed area because the smell will multiply inside the area with no way to get rid of it. Some homes have even been abandoned because of the stench. It takes a trained professional to be able to even find the carcass in some cases, as a small animal that has died in the attic can be in any number of places. Of course, the job isn’t glamorous as your only way of finding the animal is by smell and no one wants to purposefully look for the smell of death if they aren’t being paid for it.

Thankfully, once the animal has been removed, the majority of the smell will go with it. This is true unless the animal left behind some smell to remember it by, in which case we can still take care of it, though someone untrained would not be able to remove the odor. You don’t need to expose yourself to the dangers a dead animal could bring. Let us deal with any animal carcass removal in Mount Laurel., needs you might have.

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