Oyster Bay, NY: Dead Animal Carcass Removal And Disposal Service

It is hard to find many scents worse than that of a dead rotting animal carcass. Dead animals out in the open are easy to locate and dispose of, if you are of the type without a weak stomach. However, more often than not, animals will creep into places that are not visible without exploration. This is where problems arise. These animals can stay in the spot they passed away at for day, even weeks, without discovery. When that happens, the smell gets worse and worse by the day, and soon enough it can even travel throughout the entirety of a home. That’s where dead animal removal companies’ services are really essential. Luckily for you, there is such a dead animal removal service right here in Oyster Bay NY.

Dead Animal Removal Oyster Bay NY – Uncomfortable Spaces with Dead Animals – No Problem

dead animal carcass removal pickup disposal oyster bay, nyAnimals seeking shelter tend to find the most remote spots within a home – places where the inhabitants of the home generally don’t tread upon very often, if it all. Not only do these animals tend to wreak havoc upon the wires, belongings, and what have you in these spaces, but they also have the misfortune of dying there from time to time. Uncomfortable spaces to find dead animals such as in the attic, between walls, in crawlspaces, under the porch or deck, in the garage or shed, or even just out in the yard present no problem at all to our dead animal removal team. Or, perhaps there is just a dead animal in the yard that needs removal. Something as simple as that can be arranged too.

Dead Animal Removal Oyster Bay NY – Dead Animals – Come One, Come All

The dead animal removal service Oyster Bay NY also services a wide range of animals. Practically any dead creature of the forest is subject to our team’s dismal. This means any animal carcass such as deer, raccoon, squirrel, skunk, opossum, groundhog, rat, mice, birds, and the list keeps going on. There aren’t many limitations on our side. If you have a dead animal, we’ll remove it.

Safety and Sanitation – Dead Animal Removal Oyster Bay NY

The team for removing dead animal Oyster Bay NY wants to remind viewers of the health hazards associated with dead animals. If you do not know what you are doing we strongly discourage anyone from trying to remove these animals yourself. Failure to properly equip ones self, or clean the premises after removal, can result in serious illness.

The team here in Oyster Bay NY always uses professionally certified green products to clean up the mess after the carcass is removed. Deodorants are applied to the affected areas after removal in order to cleanse the rotting smell. The last step in the process that our team performs is sanitation techniques in order to remove germs, bacteria, maggots, fleas, ticks, etc. Lastly, it should be mentioned that dead animals do attract other dead animals – usually larger ones at that. So, it is important that contact is made once an individual is aware of a dead animal in or around their home.

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