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You wake one morning and decide to look in your attic, pretty basic stuff till you’re there and find out it’s a mini animal shelter! Without your notice, it’s been taken over by raccoons and other critters! Now do not fret, we offer our services in raccoon removal in attic New Jersey. Raccoons, bats, rats, opossums, squirrels, pigeons and other small animals often inhabit the attics of buildings. Often, you’re alerted by the noise they make from above your ceiling- scratching, gnawing or scampering noises.

Raccoons along with other critters will make a temporary home of not just your attic but your garage, space between floors and other spaces in your home. If not addressed immediately, raccoons can cause serious damage to your wiring, roof and even your gardens. They will also create avenues for other wildlife like squirrels or opossums to enter your home. We ensure raccoon trapping NJ and raccoon removal NJ. Raccoon removal NJ is best tackled by removal and exclusion techniques which ensure they are not only taken out but are kept out! We capture and remove these animals, and close their means of entry. We also set up one-way doors which keep raccoons out. Our techniques are humane and do not cause harm to the animals.

For raccoon removal in attic New Jersey or raccoon trapping NJ, call on us today! Our professionals will get rid of the nuisance raccoons by first removing the animals and then securing your home to prevent future entry of these raccoons. Our services come with a whopping 5-year warranty so there will be no additional cost if there is animal break in after our work has been completed. For professional raccoon removal NJ and exclusion services, pricing or further information, please call on us today. We guarantee permanent raccoon removal NJ and other wildlife in the most humane ways.

Raccoon Noises
Raccoons are nocturnal animals and so are heard at night. We have studied their behavior to better serve you. Raccoons in attic NJ sleep through the day and can be heard after dusk when they awaken. They move around and sometimes leave the attic in search of food. They return before dawn and repeat their sleep pattern. Raccoons can be distinguished from rats by the noise they make(raccoons make vocal sounds like whining and chirping, chattering and calling noises as opposed to the scurrying and light scratching of rats) and their movements (heavy footfall and thumping noises).

You will notice the timing of the noise in attic can vary, so most noises from your attic during the day are likely from rats. Also, it is possible to hear a very distinct cry or whining sounds from baby raccoons in your attic. This is usually a sure indicator of raccoon family presence in your home. Raccoons in attics NJ will chirp, growl and chatter alerting you to their presence.

Why Raccoons Are In Your Attic?

Attics are big, warm and covered providing safety from the elements and predators. This makes them a great place for raccoons to make their home. They also sometimes have food sources like pet food, garbage cans nearby making life easy for the raccoons. Attics are similar to trees or caves in that they are big making them attractive places for raccoons to live in. This isn’t the main reason why raccoons break into attics though. Female raccoons mostly break into attics to breed. They need warm, safe places to keep and nurse their young and attics meet this need perfectly. Pregnant raccoons are mostly seen in spring season usually between February and May with peak seasons in March so look out for them and pay attention to the noise from your attic. There could be a litter in your attic.

The services rendered by our animal removal experts include raccoon trapping NJ, raccoon removal NJ and exclusion services. It is their job to remove raccoons in attic NJ or anywhere else and do so permanently, i.e. ensure the raccoons don’t come back. Often times the use of a one-way door is employed in carrying out exclusion. The door allows only the exit of raccoons preventing them from reentering. Also, all possible means of entry are sealed off and baby raccoons physically removed by our experts. The last phase in removing raccoons in attic NJ is the thorough cleanup of your attics, cleaning of waste and other products and also getting rid of the pheromones to prevent attracting other raccoons to your attic. Raccoon removal NJ is a lot easier with us. We’ve got you covered! Call us and enjoy our services which come with a five-year warranty!

How Did Raccoons Get Inside The Attic?

Raccoons are strong creatures with nimble hands. Gaining entry into your attic poses no problem to them as they are excellent climbers and can climb almost anything. They are intelligent creatures and often select attics based on the proximity to their natural habitat. They enter houses through open holes or windows or climb trees close to the house. If you don’t have trees surrounding your home, don’t count yourself out as they can still gain access by climbing your porches, brick walls and downspouts. If there are other easy alternatives, all the better as they can be trusted to find these loops. Raccoons have a unique feature that allows them to swivel their hind foot 180 degrees allowing them to descend headfirst. Raccoons in attic NJ find their way in through some places such as where eaves meet the roof, like a dormer or where parts of the roof meet. When your house is being designed (attic), the architect pays attention to proper ventilation and keeping water out but not animals. So you have entry points like vents and soffits which are accessed by the raccoons in attic NJ. Raccoons could also enter the attics by breaking ( I did mention they were strong) the shingles holding the wooden roof and poof! They are in.

What Are The Damages a Raccoon Can Cause in An Attic?

As earlier said, raccoons are smart and make themselves comfortable at your expense. Yes, after invading your space, they destroy your wallpaper, vent ducts and insulation around the pipe for use as their bedding materials.it is nothing new for them to shred vent ducts and destroy cooling systems. They don’t even leave out the wood beams in their destruction. They are animals, and sometimes the reason for their destructive behavior is unknown. Raccoons falling through your attic into your home is n’t a far-fetched notion as it has happened several times. You want to ensure you never experience the unpleasantness of this situation by calling us today.

Raccoons in attic NJ will chew and scratch electrical wiring posing a threat as a fire hazard. One raccoon incident that stood out was a raccoon that shredded the AC duct and then scampered close to the naked wire and was electrocuted. This brings us to the fact that these animals in your attic can die and emit a really terrible odor when they begin to decompose. Raccoons are further undesirable as they host several zoonotic diseases like giardia, leptospirosis, rabies among others. An extended stay in your attic will ensure it begins to smell like a pig sty as they would urinate and poop all over the place. The odor from this is terrible, and it is all very unhygienic. Once you detect their presence in your home, call us immediately for raccoon removal in attic New Jersey.

What Health Risks Do Raccoons Pose?

Raccoons can transmit diseases to humans through their waste droppings as in the case of raccoon roundworms (Baylisascaris procyonis and Baylisascaris columnaris) which are parasitic worms. They can be transmitted by air as egg spores present in the droppings are light and easily airborne, humans breathe them in and then become infected. Infection in humans can progress until the larvae parasite infect the central nervous system which is terrible. It is also important that domestic dogs and cats be checked for raccoon roundworms. A more common disease they transmit is rabies. Do not approach a sickly raccoon or one with an unusual gait. Another common raccoon disease is distemper, and it is pertinent that cats and dogs be vaccinated against it. The early stages of this disease are similar to rabies.

Raccoon droppings also carry Giardia lamblia (a protozoan causing diarrhoea) if it is ingested through contaminated food and water. Trypanosoma cruyi,, Leptospirosis, Salmonella, and Rickettsia rickettsii are also diseases associated with raccoon droppings. They also carry ticks, lice and fleas and often pass them on to your pets and in extreme cases even you! Need I tell you to call on us today? Get rid of raccoons in attic NJ. Raccoon trapping NJ? Raccoon removal in attic NJ? Do you want to remove raccoons in attic NJ? Reach out to us now!

Why Would I Want To Remove The Raccoon In The Attic?

Aha. If it is not the raccoon noises keeping you awake at night, or the odors that welcome you when you go to your attic. It could be the destruction of your space, the torn wallpapers, vents, chewed wiring, broken floorboards or the scary whining baby raccoons make, it could freak you out! Trust me, I know. Raccoons in attic NJ could cost you thousands of dollars once they have inhabited the attic for a while as they are sure to cause damage. Some people just don’t like having raccoons in their homes. Let’s not forget that their damage goes beyond the attic. They’d digs in your trash and make a mess of it and source for food in your garden feeding on your vegetables at will. This will continue always. Did I forget to mention the unhygienic condition they leave your attic in? Or the diseases associated with them? These are some of the justification for raccoon removal in attic New Jersey. Raccoon removal NJ is paramount!

Fun fact- Homeowner’s insurance will actually pay for attic restoration and repairs for damages caused by raccoons! Interesting stuff.

There exist raccoon repellents and traps that you can use as against strict removal of raccoons but most times calling on the experts to get them out is the way to go.

Hire a Raccoon Removal Company In New Jersey

Considering the serious threat raccoons pose, transmitting diseases and home destruction, it is not advisable to get rid of the pesky animals yourself (easy as it may seem). This is because you’d be exposing yourself to harm. Why not call in the experts. We are experienced and very effective. Raccoon trapping NJ and exclusion is no easy feat.

Do not forget that the main reason why raccoons inhabit your attic is to breed. The one-way door, when installed, excludes the mother raccoon while keeping the baby raccoons in the attic which may then be carried off and deposited in proper shelter. You may not know to check for a litter, and the baby raccoons would die of dehydration and hunger.

Remember, thorough cleaning and disinfecting and restoration of your attic will also have to be carried out after successfully evicting the raccoons. Restoration will include professional repairs of ducts, insulation, electrical wiring among other damages. The raccoon dropping and urine will have to be cleaned properly and carefully as they carry diseases and may also attract other wildlife to your attic because of the pheromones in them.

Best of all, we offer a five-year warranty for raccoon proofing. Professional experience, training, proper equipment, are all needed to remove raccoon in attic NJ effectively and efficiently. All our techniques are humane and thorough. We rid you of all wildlife and exclude them from your property completely. Our clean up and restoration service are excellent. It is our job, and we take pride in doing it thoroughly and meticulously at the most affordable price. Call us at 973-302-4144 for quality raccoon removal service!

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