Staten Island, NY: Bat Droppings Cleanup And Sanitizing Service

Are you planning to shift to that old bungalow or to your ancestral villa? Then you may have to follow a very hectic schedule. After all re-furbishing, your old home does take a lot of preparations and hard work. The most terrible thing to do while renovating your old property is to do away with all the dust and the cobwebs. Another horrifying task is to shoo away the bats and clean up their feces. The worst thing to happen is, bats taking shelter in your property. The reason is that they not only make the rooms dirty, but also the envelope the whole atmosphere with a foul stinking smell. Even remembering the odor of those bats can make you feel nauseated. So the first thing that you need when you are planning to renovate your old estate is to contact professionals from the bat droppings cleanup Staten Island NY, if you are from that area. bat guano droppings cleanup service staten island ny

Bat Droppings Cleanup Staten Island NY – Old Shabby Buildings are the Best for Bats to Reside In Staten Island

The old dilapidated mansions and houses that are locked up for ages are the best places for bats to build their nests in. All they need is a small crack in the wall or that hole in the broken window pane. Once they find that they will swarm in packs to be the proud owners and the sole residents of the forsaken house. They get the perfect dark shelter in these locked up rooms. There is no one to disturb them throughout the day. During the nights they roam along without any hindrance. But their peace and independence is hindered as you return to claim your property. Are you elated that you received that that grand ancestral villa as an heirloom? Are you desperate to shift to that cool bungalow amidst that forest? Want to get back to that house at the foothills of the great mountains after your retirement? These are indeed great ideas. And they are healthy too. But remember in all these cases the houses were locked up for a long time. Did you visit them within a considerably short while? If that is not so, then they are likely to be infested with bats and spiders. When bats are there they the bat feces will also be strewn all over the place. Do call in the professionals for cleaning up bat droppings Staten Island NY if you are shifting near that area. But these professionals from bat feces cleanup in Staten Island New York do serve an extended area outside Staten Island as well.

Dangers of Bat Guano – Bat Droppings Cleanup Staten Island NY

It is not always that bat droppings or guano as they are known as are found in the deserted houses. Sometimes this are laid in attics and eaves of houses that have occupants residing in them. This bat guano is very quite harmful as it causes the Histoplasmosis disease in human beings. This disease affects the pulmonary system of the human body. They often turn into a chronic disease of the lung that may represent tuberculosis. Histoplasmosis that the bat dropping causes is quite fatal as it can attack the eyes ruining the central vision. There is anti-fungal medications can treat no cure for ocular histoplasmosis though pulmonary histoplasmosis. Thus, it becomes utmost necessity to remove the bat feces. When you are in Staten Island, you can easily contact the professionals concerned with the bat feces removal Staten Island New York.

It is quite an important task to trace and remove the bat droppings as soon as possible. When you contact the professionals from bat feces clean up Staten Island NY, they come to your rescue immediately. These men are very professional and have great work ethics, apart from being highly experienced and skilled in their job. Once they trace the place of bat infestation that can even be the hidden distant corners, they seal all the openings to prevent any further entry of bats. Being health conscious, they make sure they are not infected by any of the dangers involved in cleaning up these bird droppings, so they use with protective masks and gloves. Then they spray either water or an anti-fungal solution on the guano. It also prevents the fungus, if present, to become airborne. Feces can be removed in a number of ways. They can be removed manually or by special vacuum cleaners after being treated chemically. Often both the processes are practiced together.

Once the bat guano is removed then the professionals, cleaning up bat droppings Staten Island, New York, spray special fragrance room freshener and anti-fungal sprays that reduce the dangers of fungal infection. The room fresheners that they use work wonders in removing the stinking smells. Thus, these men from agencies cleaning up bat feces in Staten Island New York make the houses fit for residing again.

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