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Unwanted animal intrusions are bound to happen as more wildlife territories collide with human development. This increases the risks of health issues, destruction of properties as well as other nuisances around your home. When you have an unwanted animal situation in your home, your most likely course of action is to search for quick, a practical yet humane method of removing the wildlife from your property which is where we at All Stages Pest Control come in.

We deals with all kinds of animal control, removal, and trapping and we can assure you that there is no part of your property our skilled professionals can’t take care of. So if you need any assistance with wildlife removal union county NJ or animal trapping union county NJ, All Stages Pest Control is merely a call away.

When it comes to trapping wildlife Union County NJ, our professionals at All Stages Pest control have enough skills and experience directed at trapping only the targeted animals. You don’t have to worry about your pets or other animals setting off the traps because we only set traps for the target animal or animals. For instance, if you happen to have a raccoons taking up space in your attic for which you require our assistance, we would focus on setting up traps in the attic and not in other places like the floor or rooms. Once our professionals have the wildlife situation under control, they would also remove all vulnerabilities thereby securing the area from a future re-occurrence.

We would like to point out that trying to trap or remove these animals yourself should be termed unwise because instead of diffusing the situation you could end up hurting yourself or exposing your family to infections. The safest option is to call up an experienced animal trapper Union County NJ. Wild Animals could be quite dangerous which is why our experienced specialists work carefully to ensure that neither you nor the animal is harmed. Our traps are effective yet humane, and with careful planning preparations, the animal situation would be handled swiftly.

Exclusion Barriers

A simple animal removal procedure won’t entirely eliminate the nuisance because your home or property is still left exposed. The animal’s entry points and specific locations on your property that you have little knowledge of still leaves you susceptible to another animal intrusion but rest assured our specialists at All Stages Pest Control can handle the situation.

Our experts would begin with identifying the animal’s entry points then perform an exclusion process with strong barriers guaranteed to last for 5years. We provide Animal Exclusion barriers that are 100% effective at Wildlife Removal Union County NJ and also prevents another episode. You might be quite surprised at the amount of damage one wild animal can inflict on your Union County NJ home. Save yourself unnecessary hassles by obtaining one of our animal exclusion barriers.

Animal Removal Services And Commercial Establishments

Apart from homes, wildlife intrusion poses a significant threat to commercial establishments and business outfits. All Stages Pest control offers Wildlife removal Union County NJ for commercial establishments looking to ensure their properties from unwanted wildlife intrusion. A popular saying is that prevention is better than cure, and this also applies to wildlife intrusion because if you think about it, a prevention procedure is much cheaper than a cleanup and repair procedure

Animal Identification

Many people can detect the presence of unwanted animals on their property without actually seeing the animal. Signs like unpleasant odors, animal droppings, scratching and scurrying sounds often indicate the presence of wildlife on your property. Unwanted animals or pests are also disease vectors which means that apart from being a pest they also serve as host for various microorganisms. Our expert animal trappers Union County NJ can effectively identify the animals and how they accessed your property. Our professionals would quickly and effectively perform a Wildlife removal Union County NJ as well as prevent the animal to come back to your property to cause more harm and damage.

Wild Animals Can Be Dangerous

Trapping or removing a wild animal yourself is not exactly a wise decision because you could end up placing yourself and your family in harm’s way. These animals could be dangerous and trying to remove them yourself is not safe. Our expert Animal Trappers Union County NJ are skilled in trapping wildlife. They would work carefully to ensure that both animals and humans are not hurt in the process. Our animal traps are designed to work effectively and humanely and our animal trappers Union County NJ would have the job completed in no time.

When Should I All Stages Pest Control

Immediately notice wildlife on your property dead or alive contact All Stages of Pest Control. You have to ensure that the animal is removed as quickly as possible and hiring us would save you from much unpleasantness such as disease, infections, injuries, and sicknesses. Our animal trapping Union County NJ services ranging from rat traps to raccoon or skunk traps are ideal for any business or homeowner in need of pest rodent or Wildlife removal Union County NJ.

You can contact us if you experience any of the following situations:

  • Unusual noises from the walls of your homes or property.
  • Physically sighting pests, rodents or wildlife around your homes or property.
  • Unpleasant odors most probably from a dead animal.
  • Little signs that indicate the presence of an unwanted animal in your home like tooth or teeth marks on the furniture, holes in food bags, tipped over garbage cans and so on.
  • Animal scratching noises from the ceiling.
  • Wild animals in your crawlspace, attic or under the patio.
  • A feeling that there is a wild animal somewhere on your property.

We offer very affordable prices at to carefully remove a wild animal from your property.

Appearances can be very deceiving so don’t take any chances when you find a wild animal on your property. No matter how cute you think that little critter is it could be harboring a lot of diseases and infections which could harm you and your loved ones. They could also attack you while defending their selves thereby inflicting physical injuries on you or your family.

We have experts that can take charge of all aspects of the removal procedure from identifying their entry to points to set traps for them. So act wisely by leaving the job for the experts. We stronly believe that our customers deserve the best which is why we try to make the whole procedure as smooth and swift as possible.

Wildlife removal Union County NJ is our, and it doesn’t matter what type of animal it is or where the animal is hiding we would conveniently remove them for you. We actively provide services in line with Animal Trapping and Active Animal Removal as well as Dead Animal removal Union County NJ, and we are geared up and ready to offer our assistance as soon as you call. For the best possible Union County NJ animal removal experience, give us a try today.

For effective animal removal the animal did not fall into a trap but maybe just gained access to your property through the dog door or attic and can. The animal would be captured live and returned to its environment then your property would be adequately secured to prevent a reoccurrence. The price for this type of service varies with the level of difficulty.

Problems associated with Wildlife

We frequently get calls from people complaining about scratching and scurrying sounds from their walls and attics and most times the damages caused by these animals are not easily detected. Squirrels, rat, and mice can chew on electrical wires while other animals like raccoons, rats, bats, possums spread round several diseases like Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, Leptospirosis and so on which are very susceptible to humans.

Critters dig holes and often leave droppings and urine in the attic which could cause mold or unpleasant smells while some other animals could interfere with your garden or landscape. Our wildlife expert works effectively to remove the animal and prevent a reoccurrence. ?

Raccoon Removal – Raccoons are mostly found in attics, and they can also hide in other areas of your property. Raccoons can cause many problems.

Rat Extermination – We can deal with your rats and mouse permanently. Our professionals would find and also seal their entry points

Bat Control – We can assure you that every bat removal procedure we have engaged in has a 100% success rate.

Rodent Removal – We remove rodents and critters such as squirrels from your attics. We also repair damages and clean up all residues.

Why is All Stages Pest Control the best?

Not only do we remove the animals effectively and humanely, but we also perform a complete operation from start to finish, and this makes us Union County’s best removal service. If there’s an animal on your property, our professionals will perform a thorough search on your property to identify the various entry points we perform repairs with a guarantee as well as a meticulous cleaning operation.

Our other services include attic restoration, permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, snake removal, dead animal removal, and odor control, and so on. All Stages pest control is licensed and insured by the state of New Jersey, and we can take care of any Wildlife removal Union County NJ. Feel free to reach us any day for a phone consultation or price estimate.

Cities we served in Union County: Westfield, Union, Berkeley Heights, Cranford, Scotch Plains, Linden, Rahway, Plainfield, Summit, Roselle, Springfield, Clark, Hillside, Kenilworth, Mountainside, New Providence, Garwood, Fanwood, Roselle Park, Winfield, Elizabeth

How We Deal with Union County NJ Unwanted Animal Intrusion

For any animal trapping or wildlife removal Union County NJ the whole procedure begins with a phone call from the client then we patiently listen to the wildlife problem. We would also ask appropriate questions to help us get around the situation so you might be asked questions like what time do you hear the noises, what type of roof do you have and so on.

When we have gathered enough information, we will provide you with a price estimate then schedule a same-day or next-day appointment to examine your property


Before we remove the animal, our professionals would carry out a thorough inspection of your home and property. If the animal is hiding in your attic, it’s essential that the entire building is inspected including the following areas:

  • Roof, plumbing stacks, vents, unusual ridge caps, and other gaps or holes
  • All areas on the ground level such as piper or A/C line entry & exit areas, A/C chase bottoms, ground-level vents, etc.
  • All areas on the mid-level such as dryer vents, siding gaps, first-floor eaves or dormers, etc
  • The attic to identify the animal and to assess the damage they might have caused.
  • If the animal is not in the building, we look out for signs and clues that can help us develop a suitable strategy.

Trapping, Exclusion, and Removal

We use every method to assess the animal species we are dealing with, and once we’ve understood the animal, we prepare for a removal. We also have a number of traps for animal trapping Union County NJ.

Animal Trapping –  For live trapping of animals the type of trap, set and location are important factors for consideration.

Animal Exclusion – Our exclusion devices ensure that the animal exits the building and never comes back.
Hand Removal – If required the animals could be removed by hand or with simple tools like snare poles.

Laws and Regulations – All our procedures are carried out humanely with regards to the state and local laws and regulations concerning wildlife

Repairs of Entry Points

Repairs and wildlife removal Union County NJ go hand in hand because in most wildlife situations require a detailed repair procedure such as sealing the entry points to prevent a reoccurrence.
For the procedure to be successful, all entry points must be identified and sealed.

All Stages pest control offers credible repairs using materials such as steel that is impossible for rodents to chew through.

All repairs have a written guarantee against any future animal entry.

Attic Decontamination Services

Animals leave behind residues such as droppings, urine, hail, oils, food, nesting materials, scraps and so on. These residues can attract other unwanted insects and animals, unpleasant odors, molds and fungi which is why it’s advisable to clean your attic after the procedure.

Our experts would remove all soiled insulation and animal residue.
Application of a Special enzyme-based cleaner that destroys all organic matter and removes all unpleasant odors. We also repair damages with electric work, insulation, piping and so on.

We’ve just provided you with a brief summary of our work at All Stages of Pest Control. Apart from these our other services include Bat exclusions, Poison-free rodent control, Dead animal removal, Prevention of bird roosting, Mole trapping in yards, Ground-based exclusion barriers and many more. A trial would convince you to give us a call anytime and let’s talk about how we can resolve your wildlife problem Union County NJ.

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