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Even the bravest of do it yourself enthusiasts would not want to attempt doing their own pest control. West Orange NJ has far too many creepy spiders and mangy rats. While our local pests may not be as scary as, say, the gigantic snakes and nuisance salt water crocodiles of Australia, it is still a much better to seek out a professional exterminator West Orange NJ and call for pest control near me than to try to deal with unwanted insect and rodent visitors by yourself. Here is what you have to gain by calling a professional pest control company like All Stages Pest Control in West Orange NJ.

Protecting Your Home

The reason that they are called pests is that they cause trouble. Insects, rodents, and other creatures that get into your home can cause all kinds of damage and leave you in need of pest control near me. Many pests are lured into your home by food scraps, but even if you are meticulous about not leaving any crumbs on the floor or on surfaces where pests can find them, there are still plenty of things in your house for pests to chew, things that you would never think of as food. For example, termites eat the wood in the walls of your house. Rats and mice have constant need to chew on things in order to stop their front teeth from becoming overgrown. Therefore, they will chew up the insulation inside your walls. While they can chew a lot of insulation before it turns into a big enough problem for you to notice it, you will notice very quickly if a mouse or rat chews through an electrical wire inside the walls of your house.

Trying to reverse the damage done to your house by pests can cost a lot. Having an exterminator West Orange NJ to get rid of termites is not very expensive, but once the termites are gone, you might be very unpleasantly surprised to see how much damage they have already done. You might need to have entire walls replaced in order to feel that your house is safe again. Other types of insects enjoy the taste of glue and clothing fibers. That means that they will eat holes in articles of clothing that are in your closet or in storage chests. The ones that like to eat glue will eat away at the glue that is holding the wallpaper onto the walls, gradually causing the wallpaper to peel away from the walls. And this does not even cover the damage that can be caused by a buildup of rodent feces in the crawl space of your house or inside the walls; it is very time consuming and costly to clean up.

Protecting Your Family

The fact that pests can damage your house is just annoying, but the biggest reason that people call for professional pest control West Orange NJ is that many kinds of pests can cause illness in humans. Sometimes you do not even have to touch the animal directly to make you sick. Sometimes it is enough if germs from the animal feces get into the air supply in the house. These are some health risks posed by household pests that have been known to infest New Jersey houses.

  • Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders can deliver painful bites that can lead to serious health complications.
  • Cockroaches carry many kinds of pathogenic bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella, two of the same bacteria that cause food poisoning. They can even transmit the bacterium that causes Hansen’s disease, formerly known as leprosy. In order to spread these diseases, the roach does not have to bite you; roaches almost never bite humans. It is enough if the roach simply walks on your food.
  • Mice and rats carry viruses that can cause illness in humans, such as hantavirus and hemorrhagic fever virus.
  • While bed bug bites are more of an annoyance than a serious danger, some people have allergic reactions to bed bug bites.
  • In New Jersey, mosquito bites do not lead to anything worse than itchy lesions, but in tropical parts of the world, mosquito-borne diseases are a real danger. Malaria, West Nile virus, Dengue fever, and Zika virus are all mosquito-borne illnesses.
  • Bee and wasp stings are very painful. If you are allergic to them, you can become seriously ill from a bee or wasp sting.
    Do not risk getting any of the diseases caused by common household pests. Instead, call a professional exterminator West Orange NJ. If you call All Stages Pest Control, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything to protect the health of your family.

Thorough Professional Care You Can Count On

All Stages Pest Control has been providing thorough, high quality pest control West Orange NJ homeowners and business owners can depend on for the last 18 years. We do more than just basic pest control. We care as much about making sure that more pests do not get into your house as we do about getting rid of the pests that are already there. When it comes to larger nuisance animals, anything bigger than a rat, we also offer animal removal services.

We are not just your basic pest control near me. We are always updating our products and techniques in order to be as humane and environmentally friendly as possible. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) whenever possible. IPM is an approach to pest control that aims to balance what is most effective at getting rid of pests with what is most environmentally sustainable. We believe in green pest control, and we use the most environmentally friendly pest control products available whenever it is practical to do so.

Besides all of the above, we take pride in being a long-established local business. We don’t have to fear competition from big national companies because our services are the best. We offer convenient hours and respond promptly to emergency calls about nuisance animals that need to be removed from people’s property. Our exterminator West Orange NJ services are competitively priced, even though we use environmentally friendly pest control chemicals. We keep up with the latest developments in the industry. For example, one service we have started offering is a type of chemical that does not kill insects but rather stops them from maturing so that they do not reproduce. Likewise, we are always updating the types of chemicals we use for routine bug spraying treatments. If you live in or near Essex County, New Jersey, you can be proud to say that All Stages Pest Control is your local pest control near me.

Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Professional

The insects that you see in your house are only the tip of the iceberg. If you are quick enough with a rolled-up newspaper, you can swat and squash plenty of ants and roaches, but you will never get to the root of the infestation. You will just end up squashing more and more bugs; at best, it will be like a less fun and more gruesome game of Whack-a-Mole. Most of the bugs that are causing the infestation are hiding in out of the way places where you can never reach them to squash them.

Even bug spray is just a temporary fix. If the headache you get from walking into a room that has been sprayed with over the counter bug spray is not enough to make you call a professional exterminator West Orange NJ, then the fact that you will have to spray more bugs again tomorrow eventually will. Insects reproduce very quickly. Even if somehow you manage to squash and spray every ant or roach in your house, a new generation will hatch soon. And this does not even take into account how unpleasant it is to walk into a room full of dead bugs.

When you are just trying to get rid of insects, the only risk you run by not calling for professional pest control West Orange NJ is that you are making a lot of hard work for yourself, there are actual dangers associated with taking a do it yourself approach to getting rid of mice or anything bigger. You should never have direct contact with wild animals. They will be especially aggressive if they have babies; finding a place to raise their young is one of the major reasons why wild animals take up residence in houses. Almost any species of mammal can carry rabies, but bats are among the most common animals in New Jersey to be infected with rabies. If there are animals infesting your house, you should call pest control near me and stay away from the animals.

The Type of Experts That You Are Looking For

Do not rely on search engine optimization alone when it comes to choosing a pest control company; just because a company name shows up first on the list of results when you Google “pest control near me,” it does not necessarily mean that they are the best exterminator West Orange NJ residents can hire. You need a real expert who knows how to deal with the pest problem that you are calling about. These are the questions you should ask yourself before you decide to hire a pest control West Orange NJ company.

  • Is the pest control company licensed, and do they have adequate insurance coverage?
  • Will they get to the root of the problem, even if it means going into the internal structures of the house? For example, they might need to open up the walls to get rid of a mouse or rat infestation. If they just put poison inside the walls, you will end up with a gradual pile up of dead mice inside the walls, which is hardly an improvement over the original infestation, and which may even attract more insects. Likewise, they will also have to get rid of insect eggs instead of just getting rid of the insects.
  • Do they spend time inspecting your home to look for places where the insects might be getting in? Not only should they do this inspection, they should also cover or seal the areas that the insects are using o get into your house, or they should at least suggest to you which repairs you should make. If the problem is with larger animals, they should put wire mesh around places where animals crawl under your porch or deck or into your crawl space or attic through your roof.
  • Does the exterminator West Orange NJ suggest preventive measures? Prevention is the most effective form of pest control West Orange NJ. The best pest control near me do not get a kick out of killing bugs. They would prefer to see them not get into your house in the first place. An exterminator West Orange NJ who would prefer to keep coming to your house every few weeks to spray for bugs without ever mentioning that you could stop a lot of the bugs from getting inside just by replacing the screens on your window is not ethical.
  • Does the exterminator West Orange NJ modify his approach depending on the kind of infestation? There is no one-size-fits-all pest control technique, at least not one that works. Getting rid of roaches requires different tactics than getting rid of bed bugs, for example. Do not hire an exterminator West Orange NJ who just want to spray the same bug spray at everything and hope for the best.
  • Are the pest control West Orange NJ products that the exterminator West Orange NJ uses both safe and effective? You do not want someone who uses the strongest chemicals that are just barely safe enough to be legal, unless those chemicals are the only ones that can effectively and permanently get rid of the infestation. Likewise, you do not want the exterminator West Orange NJ to use weak chemicals that are little more than homeopathic remedies that you could make out of items in your kitchen. The reason to hire professional pest control West Orange NJ is so that the pest control professionals will make informed decisions about which chemicals will get rid of the pests quickly without being dangerous to your health or the environment.
  • Do the pest control West Orange NJ offer convenient service? It is not much use to find pest control near me if you have to wait for many weeks for an exterminator West Orange NJ to come to your house, meanwhile the roaches or rats are continuing to reproduce with their usual speed and efficiency. What you need is a pest control West Orange NJ that will come to your house within days, if not hours, to get rid of the insect infestation. In the case of something like a raccoon or groundhog in your house, you need pest control near me that will take emergency calls and send someone to your house immediately.

Green Pest Control – Why Is It Preferable

You have probably heard your parents or grandparents talk about the old pesticides that were very effective at killing bugs, but which also had detrimental effects on human health. (If you have not, that is what the line, “Farmer, farmer, put away your DDT” in the song “Big Yellow Taxi” refers to.) As the health risks of certain pest control chemicals came to be discovered, those chemicals became illegal to sell or use. Today, environmentally safer versions of almost everything are available, including pest control chemicals.

You might see household cleaning products advertised as “chemical-free,” but it simply is not possible to kill large numbers of insects without using any chemicals that you would not want to ingest or touch. Therefore, All Stages Pest Control has adopted a strategy known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We use the lowest possible amounts of pest control West Orange NJ to get rid of the insects, and we use the safest, least dangerous chemicals that will work on the type of insect we are trying to exterminate.

Botanical products do have a place in pest control West Orange NJ. Certain types of insects will avoid places that smell like thyme, wintergreen, or rosemary. Therefore, we use these and other essential oils as a preventive measure, to deter insects from coming back. When deodorizing a previously infested area, we always prefer to use botanical oils instead of artificially scented air fresheners. You would like a house that smells like wintergreen, instead of like a car that has just come from the car wash, and insects would not like such a house, so it works on all fronts. At All Stages Pest Control, we are always willing to listen to our customers about their environmental sustainability and safety concerns.

Reduce Pests Without Pesticide

If you are diligent enough about it, it is possible to keep most insects away by using botanical products. Sometimes it takes a treatment with more traditional pest control to get rid of a big infestation, but if you are dedicated enough, you can follow a regimen of green pest control. With Integrated Pest Management, All Stages Pest Control will help you keep insects in your house to a minimum using environmentally sustainable products and techniques. IPM is most effective at controlling pests, and also most effective at avoiding environmentally unsustainable chemicals, when it is used in outdoor settings such as farms or gardens, but with enough persistence, you can also apply IPM practices to homes or offices.

IPM is not just about using essential oils instead of conventional pesticides. It takes into account everything you can do to keep insects away from your house and your plants. Here are some entirely chemical-free things you can do to keep bugs away from your house and to keep the insects in your yard from destroying your plants.

  • Do not let plant matter get too close to structures such as houses or sheds. If plants are less than a foot from a building, it is too easy for insects to bite holes in the wood and eventually to crawl through cracks into the building. Things that should not be less than a foot from your house include not only trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, but also wood piles, mulch, and compost heaps.
  • Seal cracks in floors, pavement, vent openings, and walls. These are the most common ways that insects get into houses.
  • Clean all cabinets and shelves, including storage shelves in the garage, at least twice a year. To remove any food particles or debris that would attract insects, remove all items from the cabinet or shelf, wipe it down with a cleaning product, and then put the contents back. Throw away old, expired food items that are more likely to be eaten by insects than by you.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes and utensils in the sink. Wash them or put them in the dishwasher each day.
  • Use a surface cleaner or bleach solution to clean garbage cans and dumpsters.
  • Empty your garbage cans and leave your garbage for pickup as often as the city will pick it up, even if you do not have much garbage.

Inspection and Treatment

Do not trust an exterminator West Orange NJ who just comes into your house and starts spraying bug spray everywhere without thinking carefully about what the root cause of the problem might be. At All Stages Pest Control, a careful and thorough inspection of your property is the first step in finding your unique pest control solution. We don’t just get rid of the insects that are currently crawling around in your house. We do a thorough investigation to find out how they got in, and then once we deal with getting rid of the current infestation, we move on to the issue of how to prevent future infestations.

The most common ways that insects get into people’s houses in New Jersey and elsewhere is by crawling through small cracks in walls, roofs, and floors and around the edges of doors and windows. They can also crawl in through vents. We will suggest things you can do to make your house insect-proof, things that have nothing whatsoever to do with pest control West Orange NJ chemicals. We might recommend that you replace the screens on your windows or seal cracks in the walls of your house.

As part of our commitment to Integrated Pest Management, we also use essential oils that are known to have insect repellent properties. Sometimes a slightly stinky yellow bug candle does as much to deter mosquitoes as lots of even stinkier bug spray would do. Have you heard the superstition that vampires are repelled by the smell of garlic? Perhaps the pests you are trying to avoid are not vampires, but some types of insects are deterred by the scents of certain plants. We use the essential oils of those plants to make sure that bugs do not consider your house a welcoming place.

6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Exterminator

  1. Your health – Having a house infested with insects or rodents can be hazardous to your health. Fungi found in their waste products can contaminate the air supply, especially if the pests live near vents. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, and spider bites are very painful. You can avoid all of these things by hiring a professional pest control West Orange NJ service.
  2. Identify and eliminate pests – When you try to get rid of pests on your own, you are just guessing. The professionals at All Stages Pest Control are relying on 18 years of expertise. They know all the places where pests hide out and how to get rid of insects and nuisance animals.
  3. Finding the source – Finding out the cause of the infestation is always the first step in a visit from All Stages Pest Control. Very often, the places where insects and rodents take up residence is not an obvious one.
  4. Time – Constantly chasing around insects with a fly swatter or sweeping away the few dead roaches that took your roach bait is a waste of time. It is better to call some professional exterminator West Orange NJ homeowners can trust, who will get rid of the pests all at once.
  5. Avoiding damage – Insects and rodents that infest your house eat away at wallpaper, walls, insulation, and even wires. The faster you call pest control near me, the sooner All Stages Pest Control will get rid of the infestation, and the less damage your house will sustain.
  6. The right products – Over the counter pest control products just are not very effective. They are not specific or accurate enough to deal with the underlying cause of the infestation. All Stages Pest Control has state of the art, effective, environmentally friendly pest control products to deal with every type of pest infestation.

Hiring an Exterminator for Mice Can Be Challenging

Mice are some of the hardest pests to get rid of on your own. To make matters worse, they are so cute that setting traps for them by yourself is a traumatic experience. Here are some signs that your house has a mouse infestation and you need to call a professional exterminator West Orange NJ to deal with it.

  1. Mouse droppings – Mice that have infested in your house spend most of their time hiding inside the walls, and they are most active at night. Therefore, you are likely to find mouse droppings in your house much sooner than you see an actual mouse. Mouse droppings are pellet-shaped, and you usually find them in the back of cabinets.
  2. Signs of gnawing – Mice need to gnaw constantly in order to keep their teeth from becoming so overgrown that the mouse cannot eat. You might find that mice have bitten wooden structures or carboard boxes, especially food containers, in your house.
  3. You hear the mice at night – Mice are nocturnal, so you are unlikely to see or hear them during the day. At night, you might occasionally see a mouse scurry out from under the floorboards, but you are even more likely to hear the scratching sound of mice running around inside the walls.
  4. A musty odor – Mouse urine has a characteristic musty odor. The more mice are in your house, and the longer they stay, the stronger this smell will become.
  5. Piles of debris – Mice will steal food from your pantry and then discard the packaging. You might find a mouse’s own personal trash heap of bits of paper and other food wrappings that it has discarded.

The Top 7 Signs You Might Need to Call an Exterminator

  1. You see pests in the daytime – Mice are nocturnal, so if you see them running around your house in the daytime, they have really gotten bold. It is definitely time to call an exterminator West Orange NJ.
  2. You hear pests at night – Before your infestation gets to the point where you see mice in the daytime, you will definitely hear them running through the insulation inside your walls at night.
  3. It’s breeding season – Some animals choose to build a nest in your attic or under your porch when it is time for them to give birth. Skunks, which usually give birth in May, are especially notorious for this behavior. Be on the lookout when it is breeding season.
  4. You find animal droppings in your house – Mouse droppings are small pellets; they look like a smaller version of rabbit droppings. You are most likely to find the droppings in the back corners of cabinets.
  5. There are cracks in your house – Insects tend to enter houses through cracks in walls and around windows and doors. If the cracks are big enough, mice and rats might even be able to get in.
  6. You notice an unusual smell – If you are lucky, the unpleasant smell is just mouse urine. If not, it could be the decaying corpse of a mouse, rat, or squirrel that has died inside the walls of your house.
  7. You have tried on your own to get rid of the pests – It is very difficult to get rid of pests on your own. If you have tried, and you still have pests, you should call All Stages Pest Control.

7 Signs That You Still Have Rats or Mice in Your House

  1. Rodent droppings – You will usually find rodent droppings in cabinets, near food packages. If the droppings are fresh, they will be dark and soft, but if they are old, they will be brittle and gray. You should not touch mouse droppings with your bare hands.
  2. Animal gnawing – Mice and rats are always chewing; their survival depends on it. You might find signs of chewing on wooden floorboards or on cardboard food packages.
  3. Foul odor – Mouse and rat urine has a stale odor. The stronger the smell, the more mice or rats are in your house.
  4. Mouse tracks – Use a flashlight to look for mouse tracks along the baseboards of your house. Mouse tracks are smudge marks caused by oils the rodents’ skin.
  5. Rat nests – Mice and rats make nests out of scraps of paper, fabric, and plant material such as leaves and twigs. If you see a rat nest in your house, you should call a pest control West Orange NJ company.
  6. Rodents in the yard – If you see mice or rats in your yard, it greatly increases the chances that they will get into your house. Mice and rats also infest apartment buildings in urban areas, but if you see them in your yard, you know that they are nearby.
  7. How big is the rodent infestation? – If the only signs of a rodent infestation are scurrying sounds at night and the occasional sight of a rodent dropping, then the infestation is probably not very big. If you are seeing actual mice or rats, especially in the daytime, it probably means that there are also many more that you are not seeing.

Signs of Bed Bugs – How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs?

The most common place to find bed bugs is along the seam of a mattress, which is how they get their name. They will actually live almost anywhere, though, as long as they have access to blood, which is their only source of food. The first sign of a bed bug infestation might be bed bug bites, but if you look carefully enough, you can put an end to the infestation before it gets that bad. Look for bed bugs near the seams of chairs and luggage. A hungry bed bug is translucent. One that has just eaten is bright red, because you can see the blood in its belly. The more time that passes since the bed bug has eaten, the darker its belly becomes. Other signs of bed bug infestation include bed bug droppings, eggs, and larvae.

Signs of Roach Infestation – What to Look for When You Have a Roach Infestation

The sight of a roach crawling on your kitchen counter or in your bathroom sink is alarming enough. Anyone who sees this would promptly call pest control West Orange NJ. Sometimes you can identify more subtle signs of roach infestation before you are faced with an unpleasant encounter with a roach. Roaches are nocturnal, so they are most likely to surprise you just before you go to bed. If you can infiltrate their daytime hideouts, however, you can call an exterminator West Orange NJ and put a stop to your roach infestation. In the daytime, roaches gather in dark, humid places. You might find a group of roaches under the stove, refrigerator, or kitchen cabinets. Garages are another place where roaches tend to hide. Even if you can find the roaches, you probably cannot get rid of all of them, because bug spray and roach bait do not kill roach eggs. Only professional pest control can completely get rid of a roach infestation.

Why Do Ants Come in Even When My House is Clean?

As pests go, ants are among the most harmless. Most of the ant species in New Jersey do not even bite. They are, however, some of the most common pests in new Jersey homes and some of the most difficult to get rid of. It is true that ants often come into houses in search of food, but even if you keep your house very clean and your stored food well protected, the ants might still keep coming back. They are also so small that, even if you seal cracks in walls, successfully deterring other insects, the ants might still find their way in by crawling under the front door.

Food is not the only reason that ants are attracted to your house. Sometimes they come into the house in search of water. They might also be looking for a place that is warmer than the outdoors. Because ants are such a persistent pest, sometimes the only way to keep them away is to have an exterminator West Orange NJ spray your house with insecticides several times a year.

Why Choose All Stages Pest Control?

All Stages Pest Control is your friendly neighbor in keeping your house safe and free of pests. We have been in business for 18 years, and we have kept up with the changes in the pest control industry. We follow a system of Integrated Pest Management, which means that we only use harsh chemicals when we absolutely need to. We use the most environmentally sustainable products that will get the job done. We pay as much attention to preventing pest infestations as we do to eradicating existing ones. Best of all, we offer convenient hours and prompt, individualized service.

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